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Moving on after Mental Illness

With Dana at PRS' DC Recovery Academy

I am so proud of NBC4 and it’s commitment to cover mental health through it’s Changing Minds campaign. This is an issue that is very personal and close to my heart and family. Having the chance to cover the subject is rewarding because I know there is an enormous demand for information and resources. I hope that people and families dealing with mental illness will see there are places to turn to during recovery.

MORE: PRS Services in DC Area

The story I share below is that of a 30 year old woman from Southeast DC who experienced her first phase of psychosis at age 16. Dana Ebiasah has bipolar disorder. Through the help of free resources she has found in DC she is taking the next step to move on with her life. Medication and therapy can only do so much. We show you a place that is helping rebuild life skills while providing resources to help people get back on their feet and back to work and school.

Driverless Car Driving Around DC

Have you seen it? The Google Self Driving Car.

New evidence it’s here and zipping around the District.
Video and photos of the car driving in and about DC are popping up on instagram and twitter.
Mitch Merry posting this saying “It’s Among Us!”.
The has been spotted everywhere from our highways to Pennsylvania Avenue.
DC is a perfect place for Google as it shifts the project to busy city streets to test out hundreds of new scenarios. In a video they just released (below) … you can see the car navigating through traffic and even cyclists.DC’s dept of motor vehicles recently proposed regulations for driverless cars.
No doubt there’s things that still need work…like knowing when to turn right on red or driving on a day like today where there’s a lot of rain and more sophisticated sensors are needed. On the flip side.. google says the car can do things we can’t.. it never gets tired or distracted.

Why Disney on Ice is Skate Great!

I had a night of fabulous flashbacks. I remember going to Disney on Ice as a kid when I lived in Texas. Unexpectedly I had the feelings of excitement come back when I took Adora this week. It was really weird. I found myself watching the show (which was beautiful by the way) and getting lost in song. Once again I remember what it was like when I would listen to “When you wish upon a star” and the daydreaming would set in. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. So while this was a night for Adora see her favorite friends and princesses… I found it was also one that had me traveling back in time. It was real fun to see the magic working all over again. My favorite part was the It’s a Small World act and Pinocchio. The show captivated Adora and her best friend Reese. It kept their attention even under a sugar high of cotton candy! The show runs through Monday February 17th.. you can get tickets here. Watch a sneak peak of what you’ll see here.










Snow Day!

Now that the kids are getting older.. it actually is getting more fun. We slept in and awoke to a winter wonderland outside.

IMG_6758Bob’s first time in the snow. He was licking his lips… as the flakes continued to fall

adora and bob feb14 snow IMG_6781 IMG_6779 IMG_6786 IMG_6808 IMG_6805

So I have to be honest. It was a snowman making attempt. But we settled on calling it our snowbird.  IMG_6811

Track Snow Plows Where You Live

Waking up wondering when your street is gonna be plowed.
Log on to for Virginia’s digital Snow Plow Tracker. From what I can tell this morning most of the trucks are in Northern Virginia and the Fredericksburg area. Plug in your address.. and even get the option to take a look at LIVE traffic cameras around where you live.
In Maryland, on the Prince Georges County website.. you can zoom in to where you live, and using a legend you can tell what’s been salted or plowed. Montgomery County’s website has a snowmap… Just plug in your address to request service.
In the District, DC dot gov has a “Snow Response Reporting System” updated every half hour.
But note, you have to ZOOM IN on where you live and then click START and the the trucks on the map will pop up.

Great place to visit Santa

If you haven’t gone down to the Ellipse to see the National Tree.. here’s more reason to visit. There’s a cute little Santa Workshop where you can see where Santa makes his toys and then get to talk to the jolly old man himself! What’s great is that you can take your own pictures… and it’s absolutely free. I love the set up and the Santa was so sweet and really took time with the children. Parking can be tough.. but we went on a Thursday.. got there around 4:30pm and found plenty of parking along 17th Street. If you want to make a night of it… check the Williard Hotel to see if they have hot chocolate and caroling going on inside too! I love the holiday season in Washington!




My friend Kerry capturing her little Declan



If your kids are a fan of toy trucks and trains– the foot of the tree is encircled with them! It was a hit!




#FastSnow moving through

Within the first hour of the snow falling everyone I heard from on social media commented on how fast the stuff was accumulating outside their door. #Snowday instantly started trending on twitter… following #closures and #telework. I think the hashtag of the morning should be #FastSnow because that’s what everyone seems to be talking about. Remember to tweet us your photos @nbcwashington or email them to Thanks!

From @317pmq in Gaithersburg


From Justin Berk in Westminster MD


DC, MD & VAQ Snow Plow Trackers

Digging out of the snow goes digital across our region.
VDOT introduces the Snow Plow Tracker online you can see in real time when the trucks are clearing around your neighborhood in Northern Virginia.Plug in your address.. and even get the option to take a look at LIVE traffic cams nearby too.
Maryland doesn’t have a statewide plow tracker– but Howard County does.Their tracker has a legend that allows you to see whats been salted, plowed or both.
In DC there’s a pretty accurate “Snow Response Reporting System“. It isn’t a live GPS tracker, but it does update frequently. I plugged in our station’s address and got an immediate animation with where the plows were overnight. The live camera feature of local roads and their conditions pop up too. Just a few tools you can use at home now as we get through another storm. We’re posting all this at Search PLOW.

Operation: End Apple Picking

I thought it was neat when twitter started lighting up from people approached by NYPD cops to update to iOS 7. Officers passed out flyers at subways and outside Apple stores in a campaign to get people to update and turn on the ‘activation lock’. Their thinking is the security feature can help combat the growing problem of smartphone thefts. If you’re running iOS 7 and use the lock you can remotely secure it when you lose it. The lock makes it so the device associated Apple ID and password must be entered before someone can wipe it and use it. Essentially, this could make the phone worthless to the thief. NYPD and SF cops hope this will be a big enough pain.. that the bad guys won’t want your phone.

MORE: NYPD Cops Walking Streets

It’s a problem we can relate to here in DC. Just last month we reported on the big spike in smart phone and portable electronics thefts. This morning I tweeted DC Police to see if there’s any plan for an iOS 7 push around here. Chief Cathy Lanier says the security feature is good and encourages other people to use it!

Meeting hour from home!

With it being so hot outside I’ve been looking for some great indoor activities with Adora. I feel so bad when she can’t get out and play. Then I started thinking… what about going to see some fish, some really big fish. We’ve never been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and in all honesty it’s only an hour drive away so there’s no excuse. I started browsing its website and soon discovered they have a wonderful dolphins exhibit. After showing the video to Adora she got all kinds of excited (could barely go to bed!). I promised we’d visit the dolphins in the morning– and I delivered. It was a great experience… and I highly suggest sitting in the splash zone. You WILL get sprayed so watch that camera! After a great show we headed to the shark tank. They were  scary looking but beautiful. Adora got a kick out of getting so close. There is a ton more to do at the aquarium but we only had so much time. We’ll definitely be back.. because we didn’t even have a chance to visit the Rain Forest where you get to see cool animals like the two-toed sloths!

Baltimore: Why haven’t I’ve visited you before?


Upon entering the excitement builds




There’s a momma and baby dolphin that swim together. They come up to the glass and nudge a little hello. It’s so cute!


IMG_6204SHARK!! Can you see him!

IMG_6208Trying to leave a fun place.. is never easy.



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