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Common Core Ignites Online Outcry

We’re hearing from the top leader of DC schools following an outcry online over schools now using the National Common Core learning standards.  More than 7 million have seen our facebook post, more than 10 thousand of you have chimed in. The photo is from a parent… showing a math problem being added up in 2 of the 4 different ways students are expected.

DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson told me on twitter they haven’t had complaints like those we’re seeing online. She says they’re in the process right now of designing guides that parents can use to support what kids are learning in class… at home. There is already an online guide available.

A lot  of parents expressed the difficulty of helping their kids with their homework these days.  Common core supporters recognize the frustration but say Core is appropriate and driven by research. DC and Maryland are among 44 states to adopt the annual standardized tests. Virginia has not.

Talking debates

It’s been a few days since the VP candidates went at it.. has the Biden-Ryan debate impacted the race for President? What can we expect in Round 2 when President Obama and Mitt Romney enter the ring on Tuesday at Hofstra? Meet the Press’ David Gregory joined us in studio with more.

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Decision 2012: A Tiny Debate

Now here’s a big debate to talk about!

I think I look cute in both of them. What do you think?

David Gregory recaps debate in studio

Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory stopped by the morning show to talk about who gained and lost momentum after Saturday night’s debate in Iowa. A look at how the race for the Republican nomination is shaping up.

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