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Derby themed birthday party

recently my son Bob became obsessed with horses so it was easy coming up with a theme for a second birthday. It just so happens his party fell on the day of the Belmont Stakes and what became a historic day with American Pharoah winning the Triple Crown. We took the family out in horse country and the beautiful Salamander Resort equestrian center was a great place for the pony party! (party notes below at very bottom past photos)

My daughter helped me paint these plastic horses and jockeys!

I mixed everything the mini bottles with ginger ale and lime  and poured it back in!

Found these little grass cubes at Michael’s.

Found drawer and moss at Michael’s. Used foam underneath so they’d stick!

My sister led this fun and easy craft!

American Pharoah who?

The Great Zucchini was beyond GREAT! The kids love him!


Horse Selfie- a MUST!












Mission Accomplished!











Location, catering, pony rides: Salamander Resort
Cake, pie pops, hat petite fours, cupcakes: Jason Reaves at Salamander Resort
Inspiration: Hostess with the Mostess Blog
Horse Cookie Pops: Fresh Bakes
Cupcake Photo Topper: Say Cheese Toppers
Invitation: Sweet Wishes Stationary
Flower Arrangement: Karin’s Florist
Table Cloth: Lilly Pulitzer
Entertainment: The Great Zucchini
Name banner, Derby Signs, Thanks Yous: The Unique Day
Stick Ponies: My Lue
Horse Necklaces: Knotty Origami
Bob Attire: Janie & Jack
Adora Dress: FaithWorks4U
Glitter Popcorn: Kernel Encore

Getting into the Spooky Spirit

Call it commercialism but I’m a true sucker for holidays. To me it’s another reason to celebrate something and now that I have kids it’s even more fun. I enlisted the help of my 2 1/2 year old in decorating for Halloween. A quick trip to Michael’s and we were set. If you’re into DIY holidays… then be sure to check out all the cool ideas here on Pinterest. Meanwhile, here’s a look at our quick creepy decor job.

I put a couple of these hologram portraits up. They look normal..until…




Nothing says I love you like bloody roses


This guy glows in the dark. Adora told me “this not scary, this silly”


This was Adora’s favorite part! Putting the sticky bloody goo on the TV console


Notice the pumpkins beautifully embellished by mom’s sharpies from work


Covered the ottoman with a web tablecloth and stuck some spiders on it


I spy “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” (still love that show)


Really cute Spider fascinator! She complained the legs were tickling her face.


The dirty work


The toughest part? Making her wait a day for the glue to dry before she could pick up Miss Pumpkin.


Craft pumpkins are great because you can just stick holes in them and insert pipe cleaners or embellishments like this little bat. We glued the spider on too.


Face Time

When it come to putting my makeup on I often say “It’s time for me to go paint my face.” Between the lotion, the primer, the matte cream, the liquid foundation, the powder, the highlighter, the bronzer and of course the blush I end up feeling like a work of something. Everyday I pile that stuff on for work knowing it’s the last thing my poor pores need.

I wish I could say I take care of my skin. I exfoliate, I get facials but in reality I don’t. In fact, I’d much rather get a massage over a little face time when it’s between the two.

But recently I decided it was time to apologize to face and reward it with a little revival. I headed to new posh new spa Nectar Skin Bar in Georgetown.

That’s where brow and face guru Adrian Avila gave me an intraceuticals oxygen infusion facial. A what? It sounds fancy but it’s real simple. He re-hydrated my skin by using topical oxygen. It’s also infused with vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Don’t even ask me what all that is.. just know the results were glowing and I felt great!

Next visit: I’m planning to meet up with Kaitlin who I hear gives the best organic chocolate spray tan.  Yep sugar that safely sun kisses you..  you can even top it off with some caramel bronzer. Who could resist!

Oh Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things in the world is decorating the tree. It was a difficult task this year as I recover from surgery so I got a little help. Denise Nguyen owns Great Falls Florist. She along with the wonderful Tamara helped beautifully decorate my tree. It came out more beautiful than I imagined! It’s a throw back to a vintage Christmas. Older ornaments, lots of paper, blown glass, real glass and of course some glitter. Apparently it created a spark in the air.. see pic below of parents, Ren and Chin. I don’t see mistletoe anywhere, do you?


Stockings are up, hearts are filled

Christmas time feels more complete than ever this year.

Tree Time: Decorations picked!

I’m obsessed with Christmas. My favorite music is Christmas music (I’m listening to Josh Groban’s NOEL CD right now!).  With my new condo, new baby on the way and new outlook on life I’m so excited to decorate our family’s real ‘first tree’. I’m going to get a real fir– pickin’ it out this week. Meanwhile, I’ve already started working on my vision. Lotsa silver and gold.. vintage ornaments… old glass… and old paper.What’s your theme this year?


Something's Growling in the Nursery

There’s something I really liked about this stuffed lion head.

I saw it in a gas station on the way to Richmond recently and decided it was a must buy. Ok, it was somewhat impulsive. Can’t explain the expression on hubby’s face when he walked out of the bathroom and saw me waiting with this huge head in hand.  I think it adds whimsey to the nursery in progress… I placed it above the door between the baby’s closets.  It makes me think of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Narnia not quite.. but I can imagine right.

Look who's coming to dinner

I fell madly in love with these Ladies-in-Waiting plates by Balducci. There are four different ones. There’s just something about a woman who wears a ship in her hair while having afternoon tea.  I’m having a great time outfitting the new pad, plus I finally get to break out all those monogrammed wedding gifts from more than 2 years ago!

To hang or not to hang: Nursery Painting Controversy

I am a big fan of Colombian figurative artist Fernando Botero known for his ‘larger than life’ style. I fell in love with his ‘Mona Lisa, Age 12’ and thought it would add some renaissance to my mostly white nursery with gold accents. I got the canvas oil painting and had a frame made for it.  Before hangin it above the changing table I sent an iPhone pic out to the hubby and siblings for reaction.  This is how it went…

Angie: I present… Baby Mona Lisa

Sister Jenny: Did someone “fat booth” Mona Lisa? (for those of you who don’t know ‘fat booth’ is my fave iPhone app, it makes people really fat after you take a pic of them)

Husband:  ….a very disturbing picture.  It looks like a female Chucky doll with boobs!

Sister Tricia: I think it is hilarious!  But, if it scares the baby, you might just put it in the bathroom across from the toilet.

Sister Jenny: I’ve never seen a baby with so much cleavage

Need Knobs!

When deciding on a ‘changing table’ I went with one that can be used as a dresser after the baby gets older.

I love the white finish but not so much the knobs. I’m on a hunt… and considering a few from anthropologie, Home Depot and ones I found online. I ordered the antique brass lion pulls and gonna test them out.

Lion pulls by Americk


Glass knobs by anthropologie

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