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Offensive halloween decorations are down

A famiy in Clarksville TN took this display down after complaints. They apologized saying it wasn’t meant to offend. What’s scary to me is how one can look at this and think it’s ok.

O Tiarabaum, O Tiarabaum

So this year I let my daughter do the tree. She is going through a Disney Princess phase right now so we had fun with it. I always have a real tree but decided to do a white one for the theme this year. We got cheap ornaments .. a mix of candy, birds, jewels at Big Lots and Walmart ($4 a box). I went to Michael’s and bought a Disney poster with plans to cut the faces out to put in wooden frames. We got the frames at Michael’s too (3.99) and painted them. The most pricey part was the actually Princess ornaments. I found them at CVS and Hallmark. They ranged from $7.99 to $19.99 a piece. Must admit.. they’re real cute!









Ariel is a hot commodity! Had to search everywhere to find her!


Cake toppers work as decorations too!






Found these cupcake ornaments at Walmart– so adorable!


My favorite— I tried to explain– this is Cinderellie’s!!!




I bought a star but it wouldn’t stay up– so I grabbed an extra tiara from her birthday party and we crowned the tree!


Oh Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things in the world is decorating the tree. It was a difficult task this year as I recover from surgery so I got a little help. Denise Nguyen owns Great Falls Florist. She along with the wonderful Tamara helped beautifully decorate my tree. It came out more beautiful than I imagined! It’s a throw back to a vintage Christmas. Older ornaments, lots of paper, blown glass, real glass and of course some glitter. Apparently it created a spark in the air.. see pic below of parents, Ren and Chin. I don’t see mistletoe anywhere, do you?


Stockings are up, hearts are filled

Christmas time feels more complete than ever this year.

Tree Time: Decorations picked!

I’m obsessed with Christmas. My favorite music is Christmas music (I’m listening to Josh Groban’s NOEL CD right now!).  With my new condo, new baby on the way and new outlook on life I’m so excited to decorate our family’s real ‘first tree’. I’m going to get a real fir– pickin’ it out this week. Meanwhile, I’ve already started working on my vision. Lotsa silver and gold.. vintage ornaments… old glass… and old paper.What’s your theme this year?


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