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Rocks around the collar

Maryland jewelry designer Yasmine Afshar is so talented. I am obsessed with my new necklace made of semi-precious stones.. and gold metal.  Afshar’s forte is her use of earthy but edgy tones… and as we enter October I couldn’t think of a better Fall piece to wear to welcome the new month. For more on her line 3.0.1 Jewelry visit

Coming: Flower Power from NYC

Sarah Tallman

I cannot wait to interview Sarah Tallman Monday on 9NEWS NOW at 9AM.  Sarah is the owner and reative director of GROVE, New York . Sarah is bringing a little bit of her West Village boutique to our studios… sharing her designing secrets on how to recycle flowers for the holidays. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store.

  • Sarah will use flowers you find sitting around the house or even in your fridge!
  • Tips like “It doesn’t have to look perfect.. nature isn’t perfect!”
  • Find out how small bud vases can make a BIG difference in sight AND scent
  • Make your own garland– it’s really easy and cheap!

Check out some of her recent work feature in Redbook Magazine and at special events! Ask the designer… feel free to submit your questions about design, decor, arrangements or anything holiday! I’ll do my best to get them in!

Sarah Tallman in Redbook MagazineSarah Tallman in Redbook MagazineSarah Tallman Design

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