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ICYMI: Honoring Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

Thanks to all of you who tuned in for our half hour special that honored local Asian Americans who are really making a positive impact where we live. In case you missed it.. don’t worry. We have all the stories up online. Here are the two that I contributed this year. The first is very inspiring. It’s a true rags to riches story about a single mom who fled Vietnam after the war and was able to overcome welfare and cancer. The second story captures a growing trend in the DC area.. the Korean Dol. It’s the 100 day celebration of life also known traditionally as the child’s first birthday. Learn the intriguing history and fun fortune ritual that takes place at these parties which we learned could cost up to $10,000!

MORE: Watch the Stories

Rosemary’s Tran Lauer: Helping Single Parents and Children in DC area

Party Trend: Korean 1st Birthday

Join us: Red, Heart & Soul Gala

Once again.. I’m happy to be part of Devotion to Children’s annual RED, HEART & SOUL Fall Gala Benefit. The event takes place Tuesday, November 12, at The Ritz Carlton of Tyson’s Corner.

RED, HEART & SOUL is the culmination of DTC’s year-long efforts to raise funds and create awareness for its programs and initiatives, which supports quality childcare and preschool programs for young children from deserving economically challenged families.

Attire will be red – a RED, HEART & SOUL tradition – or black tie optional.

DTC’s largest annual fundraiser has matured from a small dinner gathering at Tran Lauer’s home in 2002, which brought in just over $3,000, to a major charity event, with this year’s Gala being held at the Ritz Carlton of Tyson’s Corner. Last year’s Gala raised more than $100,000, and welcomed over 400 guests.

Tickets are available to the public for $250 each by calling DTC at 703-255-2284 or through the DTC web site at For information regarding corporate and media sponsorship packages, please contact Ban Tran at or Rosemary Tran Lauer at

For the children

I was honored to emcee the Red Heart and Soul Gala for the fifth year in a row. It’s such a wonderful event benefiting Devotion to Children. This is a group that provides crucial resources to single parents in our area who are struggling to raise their children on their own. It’s really magical what they do and the lives they change. Special thanks to founder Rosemary Tran Lauer who has used her personal story to inspire the mission of DTC. Photos by Joey Smiles

Mother’s Day Run/Walk help children

Devotion to Children held their annual Mother’s Day Run/Walk. Look at the kids that came to run with us from Green Hedge School in Vienna! It was amazing to see all of the moms pushing strollers and the runners who came out to support Devotion. This year they more than doubled the attendees. Close to 800 people participated.


Nov 16th.. I need you!

SAVE THE DATE Nov 16th for Devotion to Children’s annual Red, Heart, & Soul Fall Gala. I’m excited to emcee this wonderful and heartfelt event for the 3rd year in a row! Join us for dinner, dance and a cool silent auction.

TIX: Red, Heart & Soul Gala

A lot of gals wear red dresses for the event. The Hogettes are always there too! It’s a ton of fun and the food is great.

DTC founder Rosemary Tran Lauer is also BC survivor so please wear pink in October to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Pink Party DC 2011

Rhee honored at Asian American Gala

This year’s annual Asian American Chamber of Commerce gala spotlighted Asian Americans who are making a difference in their community. Master Jhoon Rhee also known as the Father of American Taekwondo was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Rhee is credited for introducing this martial art to the US in the 1950’s. Local non-profits like Devotion to Children also received awards. Watch video from the event on

For the children

Angie reports on DTC’s Gala on WUSA9 Below

There’s an event I’ve had the honor of attending for the last three years. It’s put on by one incredible woman, Rosemary Tran Lauer. She was an immigrant from Vietnam, a mother of 5 who struggled to succeed but was determined. Once she got on her feet, her experience and story inspired her to help other families in need.

Rosemary created Devotion to Children. The group provides everything from healthcare, daycare, childcare and educational services to families with young who cannot afford it.  DTC has helped hundreds of families across Virginia thanks to successful fundraisers and nights like last night. The Red Heart and Soul Gala is in it’s 8th year and it was an honor to serve again as the emcee.  Together, DTC hopes to raise $200,000 in 2011 to help more families. We hope that you will join in the pledge to break the poverty cycle that exists amongst so many local families.

Some of DTC’s Biggest Supporters: The Hogettes

 The awesome Devotion to Children Board

Hot Ticket: Red, Heart & Soul Gala

Gala season is upon us…and this is one thats near and dear to my heart! I’m honored to emcee it for the 3rd year in a row!

Devotion to Children (DTC) will hold their 7th Annual Red, Heart & Soul Gala on November 17th at The Waterford at Fair Oaks in Fairfax.

The reception starts at 6:30 PM.   Attendees will be invited to enjoy an evening of food and drinks, live band, dancing and raffle prizes.   True to the event’s name the attire will be RED, business, or black tie optional.   Red, Heart & Soul is the culmination of the year’s efforts to raise funds and create awareness for DTC’s programs and initiatives.  DTC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the needs of children from birth to age six.

Grab your tickets now, they’re gonna go fast!

Check out more DTC on WUSA9 Below 

Soy Cool! Sushi On Conveyor Belt

When I twitpic’d this rotating rawness I got all kinda fishy feedback. But most said DON’T DO IT you don’t know how long that stank fish has been doing the rounds. After careful consideration I decided to give it a try and in the process brought a couple friends- so if it was bad I would not go down (or get sick) alone.  Well Dr. Alex Naini and Devotion to Children founder and president Rosemary Tran Lauer all agree… the product passed the test.

Was it my favorite place? No. Would I go again? Yeah.. but probably not solo. There is something odd about the escalator riders looking down on you. Cuts? They weren’t generous but then again they weren’t that expensive. Based on the color of the band around the plate you pick up is how you know how much to pay.

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