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Fat Shaming or Thinspiration on Social Media?

This mom of 3 has caused a social media firestorm after posting a hot picture of herself with the kids along with the caption “What’s your excuse?”

Facebook critics are now accusing her of fat shaming women. The picture has gotten more than 16 million views and over 12,000 comments. People have been supporting her (I mean DANG she does look good!) but others have gone as far out to say she’s a bully.

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As a mom of two who gained 80+ with the last one– I just want to know what her secret is!
Her name is Maria Kang and she’s actually has set up a FAQ on her website addressing all the questions good and bad she’s received since posting this.

Some of you have inquired about my weight loss journey since having Bob. Happy to report in the last 4 1/2 months I’ve lost 63 pounds. I’m now doing strength training with a trainer two times a week and doing my best to stick with a 1,200 calorie diet. It has been extremely tough but I’ve learned to take it week by week.

Reading up on Maria.. she actually had weight issues too and has worked hard to achieve her  look now. I think people may be taken aback by the caption. Personally, I think it’s her page, her body and she can do what she wants. As I continue to try to lose weight my mindset is– give me inspiration. I can look at a photo like this and think– yeah that’s where I wanna go.

Meantime– back to the treadmill 🙂


Let the baby weight battle begin

Considering the fact I was asked several times during pregnancy “Twins?” (and once triplets?) it goes without saying I enjoyed the “eating what I want” part of it all. I did have some pretty bad swelling which didn’t help. When I stepped on the scale before delivering the number put me at + 75 lbs. It’s been three weeks since that day and I’m starting to feel okay enough to exercise a little. I’ve also broken a personal record: 3 weeks without enjoying one of my favorite filet-o-fish. Because I’m breastfeeding I can’t really diet but what I have done is cut out the fast food and sugar intake. I’m trying not to freak out that I still have 50 pounds to go. They say it takes longer with the second baby. I think part of it is your SO tired from caring for the first. Feel free to share what worked for you!

Delivery day

3 weeks later and all that was worth it

Adora keeps me motivated

VIDEO: Best Diet/ Fitness Apps

Here are some of the best apps I found.. helping people reach their fitness and diet goals!

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Getting Real with Al Roker

What a delight! Weather funny man Al Roker joined us in studio to talk about his amazing weight loss journey. He talked about some very personal stories that made him make a commitment to never go back to the 340 lb. man that he was.

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Of course along with the serious talk came a share of laughs. Al Roker rocks and continues to be such an inspiration to those who battle their weight every day.

As someone who has fought this battle throughout most of my life I could relate on so many fronts. He was funny in talking about don’t give a fat person advice.. “we know that we’re fat!’ he exclaimed.  He talked about how wanting to lose weight has to be a very personal decision.. you do it for yourself not anyone else or anything. He suggested small steps in everyday life to start out. For instance if you’re headed to his book signing at Tysons Corner tonight… he suggested to park as far away from the mall as possible and make the walk.

Watch our interview below:

View more videos at:

Man loses 80 lbs in 6 months

I speak with a man who lost 80 pounds in 6 months.. how he did it. Watch below:

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Day 3: Juice Cleanse

This is my final day of the juice cleanse and I feel light. In fact I don’t really have any cravings. It’s only when there’s food right in front of me that makes using will power tough. It actually made me realize how freely I eat on my own. This was an awakening.

I did the show this morning and still felt energized. I thought the big challenge was hosting my sister’s baby shower where we had a fantastic menu of summer sandwiches, cold strawberry soup and a variety of pastas.

It was the dessert bar that almost did me in… did someone say they brought caramel cake?

And the cake and lemon cake pops were calling my name

I brought my Green Juice and everyone looked at me funny when I filled my mason jar up and sucked it out using the old fashion striped straw. BTW if you want a great conversation starter .. bring green juice to the event.

Now I’m starting to worry about these good feelings going away. I guess that’s normal as you try to prepare to go back to eating regular food. Honestly, I like to juice my own stuff so I may start to gradually move to a all juice diet.

Also up next… I’m going to try Blueprint’s 2nd cleanse. There are 3 levels. It’s kind of fun trying new things.. and even better when they make you feel good!


Day 2: Juice Cleanse

DAY 2: So day 2 was much easier.  I woke up feeling good.. and really had a nice amount of energy this morning.  I started with hot lemon and water again and then went to my green juice. Lauren was right… you get use to it. It actually tasted good. I think it’s like coffee, beer, green tea… anything new you try you just have to get use to it. I did have a slice of avocado again– quite honestly I think it’s because I dearly miss the feeling of “chewing” something.

I did hit up some black coffee in the afternoon when I started to get hungry around 3PM. I am a coffee addict so it was tough for me to have a limited amount and without cream or sugar. It was vital though. I had to have a little coffee to get by and it helped a ton.

Dinner was the biggest challenge. It’s tough being part of a family that loves to eat and loves to eat BIG. I got this text message with picture from my sister:

“You know you want some.. ha ha”

We all went over for chili night and cornbread… and I of course had to break out my red juice.. apples, beets, carrots, ginger and more. Honestly, I tried not to make eye contact with any of the food and even breathed through my mouth to avoid the tempting aroma. I drank my juice and felt fine. What I love so far… I’ve noticed my painful cravings for sugar and meat is starting to disappear. That is awesome!

As I write this I’m enjoying my favorite part of the cleanse– the much talked about cashew juice. I decided to dress it up in a martini glass… cheers to getting through with Day 2!



So I’m going to try my first juicing diet. I got a juicer and will begin with the green juice. I hear the green leafy veges have the most vitamins and nutrients… and that you feel better after drinking it! This juice that I’ve prepared for my first day has Kale, cucumber, celery, apples, lemon and ginger! I have a goal to juice for 2 weeks.

Stay tuned and any fellow juicers out there PLEASE send me or tweet me links to your favorite recipes!

My first green juice



Back to 'Mommy' Bootcamp

I was bold and headed back to Mommy Bootcamp for the first time since I had Adora. I brought the baby too… which is the beauty and mega perk of this high energy workout for women in our area. There are classes weekday mornings and also on Saturdays. It’s fun but let me tell you it’s tough. I know I’ll be hurting in the morning. With 20 more LBs to lose… that’s a good thing. Check out the MBC schedule here. Classes are held in Tysons, Dulles Mall and Dulles Sportsplex.

Adora broke out the sweatsuit for this one!

Amy and 13 week old Natalia

Mommy Strong All Day Long: Watch Us In Action

OMG 2/29/10: Blonde,Slim Kelly Osbourne Rocks Runway

OMG on WUSA9 2/19/2010

OMG catches a blonde, burlesque and slimmed down Kelly Osbourne working the runway at the Betsey Johnson show at NY Fashion Week. Read about her weight loss secrets too. Also spotted: DC Stylist James Cornwell getting models rock ‘n’ roll ready for the catwalk. Angie has more on Pink Fashion Rocks featuring Betsey Johnson’s latest creations. The concert benefits breast cancer awarness and you’re invited!

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