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Divorced Parents Forced to Co-Parent Online

Kelly Collis like many divorcees, found co-parenting complicated, which could be why more courts are turning to the Internet to help, ordering parents like Collis and her ex-husband to use online software to keep the peace after the split.

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Divorcees forced to co-parent online

Kelly Collis and kids using online software

Tonight I’m working on a story that affects many people: Divorce. We don’t see the issue in mainstream media much but we know the matter is huge in homes across the country. On my Facebook page I asked what is the toughest part of being divorced? I got a lot of responses but heard one thing over and over again- children. I included just a couple below. Tonight on News4 at 11 I explore new ways judges are trying to keep the peace and keep families out of court. The tools they’re using appear to be a growing trend among something that for so long has been considered taboo. I’m grateful to sit down with radio personality, mom and recent divorcee Kelly Collis. She shares her story and how technology ordered by the Judge is keeping the conflict out of co-parenting.

OMG 4/6/10: Redskinette Tryouts, Sheila Johnson

See the full story as aired on WUSA9

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports on the 2010 Redskinette Cheerleader Try-Outs. Also, D.C.’s most powerful women hear from BET’s Sheila Johnson at a business breakfast, “Where Do Women Stand. In national news, Dennis Hopper’s health, Tiki Barber’s break-up and CMT nominees are announced.

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OMG 3/16/10: Clooney's GF, Elephant Parade, Foursquare Party

OMG on WUSA9 March 16, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie reports on Kate Winslet’s breakup, George Clooney’s girlfriend has a new TV gig and Giselle returns to modeling after baby. Locally, elephants parade in DC, Metromix throws a Foursquare party and who are the Audrey Bouviers?

MD Lawmaker wants No Sex = Divorce

wusa9.comDon’t give it up should be reason for an official break up according to Montgomery County Delegate Luiz Simmons. WUSA9 reports Simmons wants courts to grant divorces to couples who go without sex for one year.

This would avoid the waiting period currently enforced that makes potential divorcees live apart before they can legally split.

So here’s my question. How does one prove this? And what about the situation where one just doesn’t want to let go and falsely claims “We do it”.  If this ever passed I can only imagine the explicit headlines and court documents in the offing.

Rant, Rave and Read more on Simmons reasoning at

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