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Elsa Tree Topper

With Adora loving Elsa and Bob loving Olaf we decided on a Frozen Christmas tree this year. We started at the top. A doll, a snowflake ornament and a little Krazy glue and voila… Elsa crowns the tree. Took me 5 minutes!

Potty training tips?

I’m very active on social media and include my daughter ever so often but I do my best not overshare when it comes to certain stuff. I am gonna ask you about potty training though. At 22 months I know she knows what a potty is for and she’s actually gone a couple times. For the most part she tells me she has to go by signaling with a pat on her bum or waistline. By the time I get her there it’s always too late. I found this Potty Training Doll that eats and pees. I figured the more she saw how it works the more she’d be inspired. The only problem is… she’s now obsessed with feeding the doll ALL DAY and it’s becoming a big wet mess all over the place and now I wanna put a real diaper on this doll!  Tips appreciated.

Breastfeeding Baby Doll to hit market

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A doll for your child that breastfeeds. It’s called the Breast Milk Baby and the company is bringing it to the US.  There’s a harness your daughter can wear with sensors in place of the nipple. When the doll is brought close to the flowers… it eats and you can hear the suckling noise. Some parents say too much too soon.. but breast feeding advocates argue it’s education. There is no doubt that breast feeding in public is still being sexualized.. just look at all the news stories we do (mom asked to leave mall for breastfeeding her daughter.)  Read more of the story here…

Check out the story we did below… what’s your take?

Niece's new doll.. has INTESTINES!

Some 3 year olds get barbies… my neice gets a 4D Human Anatomy Model Puzzle..intestines and all, ew.  See the hilarious video below.

Michaele Salahi 'The Barbie' is at it again… according to Politico the doll mimic-makers say Michaele Salahi’s agent contacted them about making the doll. The couple will get a portion of the sales.

4 Louboutins for $150

CL Barbie

Oh the things you learn at Fashion Week! Voila… the Christian Louboutin Barbie… complete with 4 pairs of red soles for $150!

Dolly Forever, the designers second barbie in his series is available Feb 25th but there’s a waiting list. Get a sneak peak of the doll knee-deep in fuschia fringe.

Dollly Forever

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