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Dr. Oz is casting in DC this weekend

Hey just heard from my pals at Dr. Oz who are coming to DC this weekend to cast for a future show.

Do you have a serious health problem and need Dr. Oz’s help? This could be your chance.

The Dr. Oz Show™ producers are in DC, and they want to meet YOU. Come down and tell them why you need their help and want to be on The Dr. Oz Show™.

Dr. Oz Casting

Landmark Mall in Alexandria Virginia
Saturday, July 30th from 10am to 2pm
Head to the play area in the Center Court


Um ok I’m lying. I hate to floss.. and I’m married to a dentist so imagine how those night time conversations go. However, I love finding new ways to motivate me to do things that are good for me. I am thrilled to see friend and local cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Naini join Dr. Oz’s panel of experts. Her first piece answers the question “Do I really need to floss?”  What I love about her advice is that it is the real deal. Like when she shares most people think they brush twice daily, their teeth are clean and they have fresh breath. Dr. Alex says “People usually don’t realize that their breath stinks and a lot of times their loved ones are too nice to tell them the truth.”

As you grab for that tic-tac.. chew on this: In her article Dr. Alex says if you’re going to pick between brushing and flossing, FLOSS! She repeats, FLOSS! Curious? Read more at Dr. Oz…

Dr. Alex Naini practices dentistry in McLean Virginia.

Click he article below to read more



My first baby gift- from Dr. Oz!

Dr. Oz was one of the first people to find out I was preggers. 

When he got back to New York he sent me his new book YOU: Having a Baby with a personalized little congrats inside!

I’ve been reading it for the last couple months and recommend it for any future mom. His fun illustrations are so hilarious and he debunks many pregnancy myths- yes ladies you can dye your hair! Thanks Dr. O!

'DC Cupcakes' Premier, Creator Talks Pitchin' Your Biz

 From representing Georgetown Cupcake to landing it it’s own show…  4-time Emmy Award winning producer Terence Noonan wows Washington with insider secrets to getting your biz media buzz.

WATCH: Terence Noonan Speaks to NACE

For 2 hours he captivated a sold-out crowd from the National Association of Catering Executives giving them the skinny to selling their brand and getting media exposure.

In addition to working on special projects Terence is currently the  Supervising Producer of The Dr. Oz Show. Below, we asked my boy ‘T’ to share some of his top tips with OMG. You’ll want to print this out.

In other news, look for the launch of his new show ‘DC Cupcakes’  will air Friday July 16th!

Terence’s Top 3 Tips to Getting Your Biz on TV:

Tip #1: In three sentences or less, write out who you are and what you have to offer that is unique from what is already out there.

Tip #2:  Spend one week watching local and national TV– like from WUSA9 to The Today Show to Ellen. Educate yourself . Make a youtube video of yourself showing your expertise in action- let the power of the internet work for you. Insider Secret: Dr. Oz staff scours the internet when looking for potential guests for The Dr. Oz Show. 

Tip #3: Write up 3 pitches. Make sure they have a hook and think visual.  It’s all about the tease.. so fill in the blank when thinking of your pitch: “When we come back ___________” 

BONUS:  Come up with 3 stories form your life that you can use for interviews. Being a ‘relatable’ guest will make you more appealing to producers and the people booking the shows.

Follow Terence on Twitter @TVTerence

Meet Georgetown 'Cupcake Dreams' Creator in DC

Ah! keeping the TLC reality show about the Georgetown Cupcake girls a secret was so tough when one of your BFF’s is the creator and executive producer of it.  But with the show in the bag and launching this summer I’ve got no problem spilling the beans now on where you can track  down the man behind the batter series yourself.

On June 15th, you have the chance to pick the creative brain of Terence Noonan who is also a 4-Time Emmy Award winning TV producer (up for a 5th) and the Supervising Producer of The Dr. Oz Show.

Terence is going to be a guest speaker for the National Association for Catering Executives on the topic of building a brand and establishing your expertise.  If you’re a caterer or event professional trying to achieve that ‘expert’ status in the Washington area this is a must attend event.

Terence lays out a clear step-by-step strategy to get your personality, special knowledge, idea, product, or company out in the public eye and even on TV. Noonan will teach you how to create a PLATFORM for yourself and your MESSAGE to bolster your EXPERTISE and uniqueness as well as build your BRAND into one that everyone trusts and wants to use. Noonan’s program describes how little things you do to get your brand into the media world can give you a big break in your business, BUILD CLIENTELE, and put your brand at the top of your industry.

  • Discover how branding is used to build consumer recognition and move your brand to the top of the catering world list with potential clients
  • Find out how to expand your brand to gain more positive publicity and clients
  • Learn the steps to pitching your brand to a producer and getting on TV
  • How to become an expert guest on network TV and build your brand into one everyone recognizes and wants to hire within the catering industry

EVENT INFO: Building a Brand 7 Establishing Your Expertise

June 15th from 5:30- 8:30PM

The House of Sweden at 2900 K Street, NW DC

$40 Members, $50 Guests, $10 late fee after June 14th


OMG 3/24/10: Show-n-Tell Debuts in DC

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)–  Oh My GOFFAngie Goff interviews producer and Dr. Oz contributor Stepp Stewart on his new show Show-n-Tell: A Classroom Musical.  The colorful, upbeat show for all ages premiered in Washington D.C. at the Duke Ellington Theatre. Stewart tells Angie he was inspired to create “clean music” for children, something he has found lacking in contemporary theater.

Dr. Oz Show: Stepp It Up

Tickets to see ‘Show-n-Tell’ are still available. Performances are at the Duke Ellington Theatre March 24th at 10AM and 7PM. Buy your tickets online.

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