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First Family Road Trip

I’m writing this post from the road in a minivan.. Yes a MINIVAN! I never thought this day would come. It is only temporary… we rented it for our road trip to South Carolina. So far we’re not off to the best start.. We were suppose to leave at 6 am…. um it was 11:34 when we finally pulled out. Just a little 5 hour delay. Adora slept 8 hours last night again so she’s well rested and ready to go. Nana and Papa Goff were sad to see her leave..but we’ll be back.
We call this ‘the MANivan!


@nutzareus tweeted this pic to me asking viewers to please clean off your windows before hittin’ the road. It’s dangerous people. Take the time.. to play it safe. As for my twitter friend taking the pic while on the road.. well that’s another story.

clean your car

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