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Gumbo Cook-Off

Do you love Gumbo?

Well, The 18th Amendment has just the fix for you. Next Wednesday the popular tavern and home to LSU and Saints fans will host a Gumbo Cookoff.
Anyone can enter the cookout, but only 5 contestants will be asked to cook for the judges. The winner will receive $200 airline voucher and
bragging right for making the “Best Gumbo in Town”

Wait…need more?

The 18th will also host their first ever Crawfish Boil on September 3rd. Fresh crawfish will be shipped overnight to the tavern and served from 4pm-6pm.
Tickets are $25 so act now before they’re gone!

BRB: Neighbor with a big bite

Okay if you’re gonna break your diet.. and you’re doing it with burgers you must go big or don’t go at all.

Yes that’s my table at the new BRB burger joint in Reston Town Center. BRB which stands for Be Right Burger opened up right next to the ice skating rank.

FREE BURGER: Check in w/ Foursquare

DEALS: Join BRB on Facebook

It’s really a cool concept. There are touch screens for you to place your order and pay for it while you’re waiting in line. The signature items run the hunger gamut.. from the Samurai Turkey Burger, to the Shroomin Burger, the Lobster Roll and the monster Hangover (see below). What I love is that the meat is all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free Angus beef from a local Maryland farm.

Adora who has just started to eat solids took a liking to the kid french fries- cut out like smiley faces! Sauces were amazing too– my fave was the wasabi mayo which is what I dipped my fries in. Oh the best part. Thursday through Friday BRB is open until 3AM! BRB is located at 1820 Discovery Street at the Reston Town Center.

Where the beef… meets broadcast

Shawn, Me and Elaine with Chef Philippe Reininger

The weather was perfect for an afternoon lunch with the news gals here in DC. This time we gathered at the new J&G Steakhouse on 15th and Pennsylvania. As we enjoyed appetizing fried calamari and rice cracker crusted tuna we laughed about being moms and the new “Go the ___ to Sleep” book that’s all the rave these days amongst parents. When it was entree’ time we were impressed to find out that the steakhouse is vegan friendly! A couple of the gals had no problem ordering. Halibut in a scallion-spicy chili sauce was a popular pick this day. I was also happy to see they have Sips & Bites from 5-7pm on weekdays where you can get smaller portions of their dishes paired with wine at the wine bar.

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It was also great to chit chat with cityshopgirl turned radio host Kelly Collis who recently helped launch the new morning show on 94.7 FRESH FM. Shout out to Eun Yang for arranging the get together… really enjoyed catching up with all the girls at the table.. Anita Brikman, Lesli Foster, Elaine Reyes and Shawn Yancy!

Beautiful fruit dessert in sangria

Great patio for outside dining

'Fat Tuesday' ain't over

Mardi Gras celebrations don’t have to necessarily be in New Orleans… Capital Hill’s 18th Amendment Restaurant and Bar certainly thinks differently. Owner Vicky Henderson believes Fat Tuesday is a great way to invite patrons to take a break from the DC scene and escape into a little bit of New Orleans culture while sampling traditional creole platters. Celebrity Chef Teddy Folman helped revamp and refresh the restaurant’s menu for mouth watering Lousiana favorites.

Looking to try a delicious  shrimp po’ boy, gumbo, or traditional king cake?

 Check out the special Mardi Gras Menu HERE!

18th Amendment- 613 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC.

Written by Joelle de Guise

CHIN makes her 9NEWS TV Debut

I have had several requests to bring back the famous ‘ASK CHIN’ videos on the blog. I admit I’ve been slacking between this baby thing, moving and trying to still write everyday and report.

Well, it looks like momma is going big time. Chin had her first news story air on WUSA in the 5pm news– I don’t even get face time in that show LOL!  Read the full story

WATCH VIDEO: Angie goes home on hunt to satisfy her cravings



A taste of Italia comes to Bethesda. We were there for the VIP Grand Opening of Vapiano on Bethesda Row. Between the ages-old  olive trees and the warm mod decor… a blend of past and present was strong in the new restaurant. Vapiano’s offers a neat set-up… celebrating the concept of mediterranean group cooking. Guests’ meals are made-to-order right before your eyes. We tried the bruschetta, warm breads, basil pasta, chicken alfredo and of course thin crust pizza. In the end.. you get a hearty affordable meal while dining among an urban upscale feel.

VIDEO: Watch my coverage on the VIP grand opening party here on WUSA9.

Double Feastin’

Vapiano Bethesda, located at 4900 Hampden Lane, on the corner of Hampden Lane and Woodmont Avenue.


PopChips: Sin free snacking at 100 Calories a bag

There’s just something about chips that get me all excited.

I’m a recovering Route 11 Chips-a-holic with a new crisp conundrum. The name is PopChips and at 100 calories per bag (a decent bag at that) this is deliciously dangerous.

They are popped like popcorn seriously, but are a full blown chip. Never fried, never baked means better for you and that belly.

I eat two snacks during the day, everyday between meals and this is going to be introduced into the rotation. It’s been difficult finding tasty snacks that are satisfying and good. What’s the use of having a ‘100 calorie’ pack if you’re left wanting at least 2 more.

But don’t take it from me. I always test new products  especially food on my OMG interns first. Today’s victim: Carlos from George Mason. 

 You can see from his face how much he enjoyed the BBQ flavor.  So in the end, Popchips get the intern’s and munch master’s approval and another starving college student gets a free meal.  

*PopChips are available online now but will be in metro area stores starting at the end of the summer!

Frog legs at the Chinese buffet

I was at the Eastern Buffet in Lexington, South Carolina with my grandparents when I noticed a pan of fried frog legs.

I found them very flexible by the touch but just couldn’t bring myself to eat them. My papa insisted they really do taste like chicken… but he wouldn’t eat them either.

Maybe unlike chicken, beef or even pigs feet because I didn’t grow up eating the little jumpers  I’m hesitant to try them. Maybe it’s because I use to catch lil toads  for pets as a child. Whatever the reason, my heart goes out to this little guy.. and all the other legs left back at the bar.

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Have you ever tried pig's feet

Chin's spicey/garlic pigs feet

As a child I remember eating them dipped in a salt mix we’d get from “back gate” when we lived in Hannam Village. Hannam was US territory in Seoul Korea although it wasn’t on the ARMY base. When you went “back gate”  you left the village into real Korea. We loved it ’cause for 100 Won (about a quarter) we jumped on trampolines for 10 mins… so high we could see over the brick wall that separated the two worlds.

My chingoos (friends in Korean) could agree back then you could get a lot for 100 won. Things like spicey korean rice cake (duk-boki) and cooked flavored sugar on a stick that melted in your mouth upon impact.

[Picture: Enjoying them last night, flavored by Chin with spicey sauce and garlic. Below: Playing on the monkey bars on a playground in Hannam Village in the 80’s]

Hannam Village

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