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Best Snow Shots: From building igloos to blizzard proposals

Thanks everyone for sending your photos and videos in!

OMG 1/29/2010: Bridal Show, Sugar & Champagne

OMG on WUSA9 on January 29, 2010

OH MY GOFF! Watch Angie’s report on Washingtonian Magazine’s big bridal show at the Mandarin Oriental, and Metromix covers locals partying with their pets at the Sugar & Champagne Affair benefitting the Washington Humane Society.

MD Lawmaker wants No Sex = Divorce

wusa9.comDon’t give it up should be reason for an official break up according to Montgomery County Delegate Luiz Simmons. WUSA9 reports Simmons wants courts to grant divorces to couples who go without sex for one year.

This would avoid the waiting period currently enforced that makes potential divorcees live apart before they can legally split.

So here’s my question. How does one prove this? And what about the situation where one just doesn’t want to let go and falsely claims “We do it”.  If this ever passed I can only imagine the explicit headlines and court documents in the offing.

Rant, Rave and Read more on Simmons reasoning at

OMG 1/20/2010: Kim & Reggie Wedding Rumors

OMG on WUSA9 TV on January 20, 2010

Kim Kardashian settles rumors she and Reggie Bush might get engaged, Letterman to go to trial, Conan rips NBC in SPANISH (hilarious) and in local buzz, Angie’s ARMY reports on the premiere party for Life Unexpected, L’Enfant Society Kick Off event and Luke’s Wings hosts Fashion takes Flight tonight. 

Dominican wedding, the dress, the speedo oh my

All the rain in the Dominican during our visit couldn’t wash up the main reason we came to Punta Cana. Something we never thought would happen did. Our friend Harry Hobbs Goodwin tied the knot with Charleston beauty Kim Whitt. It was the perfect beach setting.. bridesmaids bright, groomsmen sprite, cake on left, Spanish translator on right, the roar of surf, the sand, the breeze the groom and bride and then….

Kim & H Wedding

The grown groomsmen giggling like school boys turned so red they actually looked like they got some sun.  After being asked by a photographer  to remove all of himself from the ceremony shot.. most spectators agreed: The euro beachgoer wasn’t an oddball in the background afterall.  You just have to know Hobbs,who goes by “H” and has earned numerous names (houdini, hurricane) due to his sometimes grandiose behavior. Some would say n_ut huggers during the nuptials is the kind of fun only H can attract. And man was it magnetic, picture perfect… a pefect fit for one fun couple! Congrats my friends… here’s to your love and many more years of laughter to come! xxAngie

Kim's Dress, Robert & Angie, John & Marne

No wedding complete without a cake crashing cousin… and the original Hobbs fully dressed with a smile!

Wedding Party

happy ending with the the ultimate wedding splasher

Happy Ending!

OMG! Weather Gal NYE On-Air Proposal

This Weather Channel forecaster didn’t see this coming…

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