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ARMY Mom Strong

Anyone who’s had a baby knows just how tough it can be to get back in shape. Imagine having to have to take a physical fitness test and meet a weight requirement 6 months after delivery! It’s the reality for the brave women in our military. The good news.. there’s a unique program that is helping pregnant soldiers stay fit physically and emotionally. Tune in for my story from Fort Meade Maryland this evening. It airs on News4 at 4 after Ellen!

Let the baby weight battle begin

Considering the fact I was asked several times during pregnancy “Twins?” (and once triplets?) it goes without saying I enjoyed the “eating what I want” part of it all. I did have some pretty bad swelling which didn’t help. When I stepped on the scale before delivering the number put me at + 75 lbs. It’s been three weeks since that day and I’m starting to feel okay enough to exercise a little. I’ve also broken a personal record: 3 weeks without enjoying one of my favorite filet-o-fish. Because I’m breastfeeding I can’t really diet but what I have done is cut out the fast food and sugar intake. I’m trying not to freak out that I still have 50 pounds to go. They say it takes longer with the second baby. I think part of it is your SO tired from caring for the first. Feel free to share what worked for you!

Delivery day

3 weeks later and all that was worth it

Adora keeps me motivated

Man loses 80 lbs in 6 months

I speak with a man who lost 80 pounds in 6 months.. how he did it. Watch below:

View more videos at:

Those jogging strollers…

They look so cool. Like there’s nothing to it. The moms I see running with their Bobs navigate with such grace and ease.

They must be in great shape.  I tried it for the first time and it was body shock. I was breathing so hard going up hill that the noises I was making made my baby laugh. It was a hard 2 miles but let me tell you it was a heck of a workout. I’ll never look at a baby stroller jogging mom/dad the same way again.

I told you those weren’t good running shoes Adora

Hot Yala Nights!

Washington, DC’s own fitness personality and creator of YaLa Fitness, Laurent Amzallag, will be celebrating YaLa’s 10-year anniversary by launching a new health event, Hot YaLa Nights . You might recall my unforgettable live segment with Laurent on New Year’s day.

Hot Yala Nights will sure to have you shaking it down into shape on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Southwest Waterfront.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital, Children’s National Medical Center and more information on the event can be found at

WHAT: YaLa Fitness launch party, Hot Yala Nights

WHEN: Saturday, February 25th, 5pm – 7pm

WHERE: 700 Water Street SW, Washington, DC,

HOW: Tickets are $10 and can be bought online here and will be sold at the door for $15

*Attendees should arrive in casual workout attire

“Shaking” It Into Shape for New Year’s

He’s big, he’s French and he’s a whole lot of fun! Personal trainer Laurent Amzallag was made for TV. Today he popped by the studios to show me some Ya-La  (“let’s move) moves to help motivate us to get in shape this New Year. He warned me there would be sexy squats and a lot of shaking it involved. He did not disappoint. If you’re ready for a laugh push play… I think my stomach hurts more from crackin’ up than from the crunches. Read the full article including tips from Laurent here at


View more videos at:

New kids book encourages “diet”

Been wanting to write about this. Check out this new book that Barnes & Noble recommends for kiddos 6-12. It’s called Maggie Goes on  Diet and shows an overweight girl holding a small dress and looking into a mirror. Her reflection is a skinny Maggie.

The story of the 14-year-old takes her from being overweight to exercising and eating right to losing weight and becoming a soccer star at school. Good habits start early so I can see why a story like this could inspire someone to try to lead a healthier life. Critics says it sends the wrong message with the picture of Maggie holding the small dress. They say it puts more emphasis on being “skinny” rather than “healthy.”

Cherry blossom yoga honors Jayna Murray

District yogis gathered in front of the National Monument for a moving practice with celebrity instructor and Lululemon ambassador Faith Hunter. The somber morning started with a moment of silence in honor of Jayna Murray.

Live music, pinking blossoms and positive energy helped warm up the crowd and by mid-session, the sun broke the clouds.

WGirls get "DC FIT"

A great group of giving women known around town as the WGirls work-it at this year’s “DC Fit Week” expo! Read more about what’s motivating them or check out my report from the Morning Show below.

Back to 'Mommy' Bootcamp

I was bold and headed back to Mommy Bootcamp for the first time since I had Adora. I brought the baby too… which is the beauty and mega perk of this high energy workout for women in our area. There are classes weekday mornings and also on Saturdays. It’s fun but let me tell you it’s tough. I know I’ll be hurting in the morning. With 20 more LBs to lose… that’s a good thing. Check out the MBC schedule here. Classes are held in Tysons, Dulles Mall and Dulles Sportsplex.

Adora broke out the sweatsuit for this one!

Amy and 13 week old Natalia

Mommy Strong All Day Long: Watch Us In Action

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