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Creative ways to organize toys

Lifestyle expert and busy mom of twin girls Rachel Strisik brought some really neat stuff to the studio to show how easy and fun it can be to tidy things up. Check out her easy to follow tips at and watch our colorful segment below.

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GQ’s “Style Guy” in Georgetown

GQ’s “Style Guy” Glenn O’brien partied at Neyla in Georgetown with friends and DC’s fashionable. E! reporter Michael Yo (who’s half-korean yay!) was a host of the event that celebrated Robinson’s release of his new book “How to be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman.”  Read more here… Photos by: Revamp



Um ok I’m lying. I hate to floss.. and I’m married to a dentist so imagine how those night time conversations go. However, I love finding new ways to motivate me to do things that are good for me. I am thrilled to see friend and local cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Naini join Dr. Oz’s panel of experts. Her first piece answers the question “Do I really need to floss?”  What I love about her advice is that it is the real deal. Like when she shares most people think they brush twice daily, their teeth are clean and they have fresh breath. Dr. Alex says “People usually don’t realize that their breath stinks and a lot of times their loved ones are too nice to tell them the truth.”

As you grab for that tic-tac.. chew on this: In her article Dr. Alex says if you’re going to pick between brushing and flossing, FLOSS! She repeats, FLOSS! Curious? Read more at Dr. Oz…

Dr. Alex Naini practices dentistry in McLean Virginia.

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Royal Wedding: Middleton's parents under fire

Check out my interview with Royal Wedding expert Hilary Fordwich on Kate Middleton’s parents accused of cashing in on big day. Plus the latest on Kate’s childhood for sale and why she’ll have two wedding gowns.

Busting out and feeling beautiful

Some would say one the blessings of pregnancy is a woman’s changing cup size.

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Anyone who’s been through the process knows how unpredictable and uncomfortable it can be. That’s why I turned to a local expert to find what feels good and looks good.  Cyla at Sylene in Chevy Chase has been helping women, expecting moms and breast cancer survivors with finding the best and flattering fit for years.  I’m a little more than 2 months away from having my baby. I met with Cyla who measured how much I’ve grown and we discovered my band width is bigger. After trying a variety of different brands and designs I settle on two beautiful pieces. In my opinion you really only need two good ones to get you through this time- a nude and a black bra.  Your size will change again so it’s not worth buying a ton of bras you won’t be able to wear later. Plus you’ll wanna save for later… 2-3 weeks before you deliver Cyla recommends coming in for your nursing bras. I’m scheduled to do that at the end of November. She has the most beautiful collection of nursing bras and intimates– I never knew motherhood could be so sexy!

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