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I guess I should’ve posted this a while back. Yes I’m still writing just on a new site. Hope you can join me at for more. Also make sure you subscribe to our Facebook LIVES. We do them every Saturday and Sunday morning during our NBC4 broadcast. Happy New Year!



At my desk tracking breaking news. Good Monday morning!

Posted by Angie Goff on Monday, August 10, 2015


LIVE Facebook Chat! Ask Away!

All week News4 Today is hosting LIVE Facebook chats so that you can get to know us a little more and we can get to know you!

I kick things off Monday.

Tom Kierein is up Tuesday, Aaron on Wednesday, Eun on Friday and Melissa wraps up the chats on Friday! Please join me Monday at 10AM ET here on NBC4’s Facebook Page!

Dads stares get VA girl kicked out of prom?

Did a story this morning after cries of sexism exploded on social media over this. Clare Schlaudt a 17 year old from Richmond was kicked out of her prom after being told her dress and dancing made dads there think “impure thoughts.”

A couple things up front. This was the 14th Annual Richmond Homeschool Prom and it’s held at a church. There is a dress code and according to Clare’s blog post she passed the “fingerlength” test upon entering.

It was once she got inside things got bad. After dancing with friends she says she notice a group of dads “ogling and talking amongst themselves”. Clare was grossed out. 

She says a chaperone noticed it too and said her dress and dancing caused men to think inappropiately about her… so she was kicked out. Frustrated and feeling disrespected Clare wants an apology from the Richmond Homeschool prom.

The prom’s facebook page was inundated with backlash.. here’s a screen grab of comments before they shut the page down.


Olympics are big buzz on Social

We now have a snapshot of how much the world is talking about these Winter Olympics.
Take a look at this data map from Facebook.
It shows the most popular sports for each country since the games started a week ago.
The USA is clearly all about Figure Skating.
That’s in line with what we’re seeing with our viewers who online are talking mostly about ice dancing.
This map of Europe shows the biathlon is by far the most buzzed about sport.
In this first week.. Facebook says more 24 million people have discussed the Olympics.There have been more than 48 million posts, likes and comments too.
The stats also show that 2 american snowboarders Shaun White and Jamie Anderson are among the 5 most popular athletes.
According to Twitter…more than 18.4 Million tweets since olympics started. And hashtag #sochi2014 has been tweeted almost 3 million times and is the most popular of any sochi hashtag.

Here is a map from Facebook:


DC Couple Posts Ad on Facebook, Adopts

Brad Benton and Brad Letson got frustrated with the long wait of tradition adoption and turned to the web for help. They started a website and posted an ad on facebook. They couldn’t believe the response. They’re part of a growing number of hopeful couples using social media in their quest to adopt. Click below for their amazing story:

Elderly woman finds way home through Social Media

I recently got an email from my friend Maggy with the subject line: HELP!
This is what followed:

I came home today and found this little old lady sitting at my doorstep and no where to go. She was totally unaware she was in Maryland and didn’t know who she was at all. She didn’t know her name, age or where her family resided. She was very kind but clearly has a severe case of dementia. Please let me know if you can help. The police and ambulance arrived and didn’t know where to begin. I sat with her for about an hour to comfort her but didn’t get any information at all.

Maggy went on to share it on Facebook and Twitter and by the end of the evening through the power of social media the case was solved! Maggy says the lost elderly woman’s photo she posted got 18K shares & 7,291 Likes & comments in just a few hours. The family stated they were getting calls from all over from North Carolina South Carolina, Atlanta and Virginia from concerned family members who saw the post. Maggy says it was confirmed that the elderly lady known as Mrs. Dorsey has dementia and that she just moved to the Bowie area to live with family. Maggy was told she wandered off while her daughter stepped into a store. All are safe, sound and at home now.. thanks to all those who shared.

COMING: Facebook’s new News Feed

Wait for it…. Facebook is changing things up again and this time it’s how you get your updates in what we’ve all come to know as our News Feed. Before you start griping here’s the deal.  It appears Facebook realizes that the feed is one of the top priorities for users right now. While we won’t know exactly what is changing until Thursday there have been a few leaks that indicate what we could see.

News Feed Goes Mobile:
A redesigned app that would appear in tiles.. breaking up subject matter. For instance your ‘new’ would be put in a tile, ‘user uploaded photos’ in another section and status updates with photos/captions would be in another section. If it happens.. people are going to be confused. It’s a whole different way of getting your content and I don’t think people are gonna want to adapt: Too many options, too much work to get to the stuff you want. takes a look:

Smarter News Feed:
Right now there’s an algorithm in place that decides what tops/included in your feed. Thins like top stories, comments, person posting and whether it’s an update or photo are all factored in. To make the feed more relevant… facebook wants to know more about YOU rather than the content being posted. There’s rumors a new equation is in the works that will analyze links you visit while logged on to Facebook, your friends, things you’ve purchased and sites you’ve visited.

Content Pushing:
DigitalTrends noticed a handful of new features being tested out on Facebook (and confirmed as tests, for that matter), and among them was an in-line like button that sits inside of an update shared by a friend. In this case it was a Vimeo video, which first popped up on the News Feed and later, we rediscovered it on the submitter’s Timeline. The story surfaced a link that takes you straight to Vimeo’s Facebook Page and an in-line button that sits across from this link. Considering that Facebook has built out this feature in the first place, at least for now Facebook wants more people to like more pages and is essentially offering users a shortcut to liking these Pages.

With this in mind, there’s evidently something going on behind the scenes since the News Feed is surfacing update types not seen in a long time: friendships, events, and follower updates. Tacked onto these updates are options to follow people our friends are following, or add friends that our friends have friended, all directly from the News Feed. DigitalTrends says you can’t bank on these updates being pushed to the new News Feed, but they could a smaller part of the larger release.

Geek 2 Chic is BACK!

Tech world’s biggest brains gear up to show their smarts in style at Geek 2 Chic 2012. The show is produced by Microsoft in partnership with The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s. During the show, “geeks” from large companies, nonprofit organizations, tech startups, and public service wear the latest fashions as they raise funds for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

NFTE provides programs that inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, recognize business opportunities, and plan for succesful futures.

GET TICKETS: Geek 2 Chic 2012

This fall, Geek 2 Chic: DC takes the nation’s capital by storm at Bloomingdale’s Chevy Chase! I’m excited to return as emcee! All proceeds from ticket sales, plus 10% of Bloomingdale’s sales the day of the event (save your duplicate receipts!), directly benefit NFTE.

Tickets to this October 24th event are limited.
VIP: $85 (limit of 90) General Admission: $45

VIP Tickets include:
Premiere seating along the catwalk
Eligibility for a Microsoft Store giveaway (previous gifts have included a Windows 7 phone and Joe Jonas concert tickets)
Entry into the list-only afterparty from 9-11pm at DC hotspot The Brixton, co-sponsored by Startup DC
General Admission tickets include admission to the event only
All guests will enjoy complimentary cocktails and hor d’oeuvres

Geek 2 Chic: DC
6:30-8:00pm, extra shopping until 9pm
Bloomingdale’s Chevy Chase
5300 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
Metro: Friendship Heights (red, green, yellow)

Geek 2 Chic: DC Afterparty

The Brixton
901 U Street NW
Washington, DC
Metro: U St. (green, yellow)

Facebook Porn Spam Attack

Have you been hit by it? A few people I work with have. The virus that’s spreading across Facebook that leaves obscene pictures like porn, violent acts and dead animals in your news feed. Check out my report on who could be behind it and what you can do to protect your page.
[Dress by Eli Tahari]

View more videos at:

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