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FAMILY Magazine mom profile

The May FAMILY Magazine issue is out and we had so much fun being a part of it.  Adora was a little crazy at the shoot.. but she’s just 2 after all. Special thanks to photographer Cyndy Porter and Cornwell Styling’s James and Carla. The team was phenomenal and SO patient! Being interviewed by veteran writer Charlene Giannetti was a great experience too. You can find the magazine pretty much everywhere across town.. but you can also check out the digital copy.  We’ve got behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot too.

Some photos from the shoot..

The team!

Click the magazine below to read the article!

BTS: FAMILY Magazine Photo Shoot

A few months ago FAMILY Magazine contacted me and wanted to see if Adora and I would be up for shooting a cover for their May edition. At the time I hadn’t told anyone I was expecting but felt I had to spill the beans to the editor-in-chief Brenda before saying yes. She was thrilled to hear the news and since the May magazine is a moms edition she thought it was perfect. We did our first cover with the magazine in May of 2011.. it was right after Adora was born. Man, how time has flown by… and she’s grown so much!

MORE: FAMILY Magazine May Cover 2011

We wrapped our shoot and it was tons of fun.. although Adora wasn’t the most cooperative when it came to shooting. Photographer Cyndy Porter was so great and understanding. Afterall, the little munchkin is only two. Special thanks to James Cornwell and make up artist Carla for their great styling. We can’t wait to see how the shots turn out. More to come… in May!

James at work

Sneak peak at some of the shots with Cyndy


Adora gets her hair done


The team was so incredible! James, Brenda, Cyndy and Julien!

the team

James and Carla

Do You Have the Cutest Kid in Washington?

Do you have the CUTEST KID IN WASHINGTON? Then go ahead and enter your child’s photo for this online contest hosted by Family Magazine.

MORE: Enter your child here

You can tell all your friends and relatives to vote for your child! The winner will be featured in the print edition of FAMILY Magazine coming up! But we all know it’s about the bragging rights!


Powerful Makeover: Everyday Woman to Superhero

Local makeup artist Nour Kazoun, is making everyday women in DC into superheroes! She explains how DC is a pretty conservative place and so her mission is to bring the level of artistry found inNY and other fashion capitals to DC. She picked these women because they are the DC woman – and DC women have ambition, and drive on its own is a super power so why not create our own super heroes that live in the Capital of the world?!

heck out these ‘wonder women!’… For more info about Nour Kazoun’s work, check out Made.Up.Art on facebook HERE! Photography by : Mykl Anthony, Hair executed by : Elegant Hair by Giselle, Character concept and Makeup by MadeUpArt Makeup by Nour.



Nour did my make up for a magazine shoot.. and did this in 15 minutes before the Newsbabes Bash! I told her “Make me J. Lo” ha!


FAMILY Magazine Mother’s Day issue is out!

Baby Adora is featured on the cover. She was awesome during the shoot with photographer Moshe Zusman.  Make-up artist Nour Kazoun helped us get dolled up for the shot taken in the 9NEWS NOW newsroom. Thank you to Amy  Carney Bevins for a great article on us balancing work with motherhood. The magazine came out this week– you can find them at supermarkets, coffee shops and business offices across the metro area.

CLICK: Read FAMILY Magazine online

Fun Family New Year Resolutions!

Anna Snead from FAMILY Magazine  joined me on 9NEWS NOW with a fun way families can make New Year’s resolutions together! 

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