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LIVE Report: QB Call, Fans React

I was out on another story in Maryland when ESPN reported Shanahan chose John Beck to start this weekend against Carolina. Rex and John also talked about the change up.

MORE: Cooley Talks ‘Staches’

Soon the news started blowing up online and spread fast– and fans were fired up. Here’s my live report shortly after the word got out…

View more videos at:

Beck & Grossman talk about the change up

View more videos at:

Steve Jobs: Fans post love for pioneer the old fashion way

Steve Jobs… you are an American visionary, a pioneer an incredible thinker that will continue to inspire.

Here are some great photos of the Apple store in Clarendon taken by Michael Domingo. On twitter I loved these words of Steve Jobs shared by Ebong Eka: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

I also loved seeing some of my Facebook friends change their profile pic to an Apple icon with a silhouette of Jobs within.

We get 'Wimpy'

Jeff Kinney, author of the best-selling children’s series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, visited with hundreds of elated fans in Northern Virginia. In 2009, Time Magazine named Kinney one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, and he sat down with WUSA 9’s Leigh Macdonald to talk about his best-selling books, his full-time job, his family, the movie sequel, and even his next book. More coverage at

Fans like McNabb Trade, What about Jason?

WATCH: The McNabb News Conference at Noon LIVE here via WUSA9 at noon

According to my deskmate and DC bulldog reporter Bruce Johnson most fans like the McNabb Trade.”

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Bruce caught up with John Riggins and Lavar Arrington… as well as some locals  on the heels of hearing the news. I personally think this is a power move and suspect McNabb will probably be her for about two years. Those who criticize the fact he’s 34… 34?!?  people… I say take a look at Favre and Kurt Warner. Mcnabb can roll out of bed and throw a decent game, the man is good, you can’t debate it. As for our friend Jason Campbell.. haven’t heard from him yet but suspect that it’s a sensitive issue. There’s one thing I know about Jason though and it’s he’s a good hearted person that will probablly look at this as an opportunity to grow even more. .

Leukemia Ball brings out who's who in blue

OMG TV:  WUSA9 For March 31, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports on the Washington Post Peep Show Contest, millions raised at DC’s Leukemia Ball co-emceed by Andrea Roane, Laura Evans, Lindsay Czarniak and Alison Starling. Also, reality star and author Lauren Conrad signs her new book ‘Sweet Little Lies’ for fans in Fairfax, Virginia.

Reliable Source: Lunchin’ with the Newsbabes

Slideshow: Peeps Show Contest Entries  

Watch OMG on WUSA9 From This Morning Below. Includes National Buzz too!

OMG 3/17/10: Tiger Woods "South Park" Episode

OMG on WUSA9 March 17, 2010 

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie reports on Tiger Woods on South Park episode, Angelina Jolie’s donation to Afghanistan, Paula Abdul’s new show. More on St. Patrick’s Day events and singer Janelle Monae performs in DC.

Beantown, a REAL Sports Town

By Joey KamideBeantown
I’ve lived here just outside D.C. in the Virginia suburbs now for just over 20 years, and in that time have become an avid Redskins fan, followed the Wizards through the Wes Unseld era, the Juwan and Webber era, the Jordan era and their self-entitled “Big 3” era, have picked up about four Nats hats since they came here in 2005 and have even tuned into this Ovie guy and the Capitals over the past couple of years.

Despite the lack of championships in recent years and notorious bad decision making by the powers that be with most of those respective franchises, I’ve always considered D.C. to be a pretty decent sports town.

Until I visited Boston for the first time last weekend with my brother anRed Sox, Beantown Observerd step father.

Finally, after 25 years of bleeding Celtics green, enduring the deaths of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis, the real Big 3 growing old and retiring, the debacle that was Rick Pitino’s tenure as coach and numerous losing seasons prior to KG and gang ending their 22-year championship drought in 2008, I was making my trek to Beantown.

What I found there is history, passion and knowledge about their sports teams that isn’t found in our area, unless you are speaking to the most diehard of Redskins fans.

Celtics green was everywhere on Saturday at their game against the Nets (which, against the worst team in the NBA, they lost, perhaps an indication that I’m meant to be a fan from afar), and I don’t think I saw a single New Jersey fan inside the Garden or at any of the bars before or afterwards. This a far cry from what we see at Washington sporting events, which many times are dominated by fans donning the colors of teams from New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

In a city loaded with history, the Garden fits right in. Literally dozens of championship banners courtesy of the Celtics (10 NBA titles in 11 years through the late 50s and 60s!) and Bruins as well as numerous retired numbers hang from the rafters, the parquet floor at this Garden contains pieces from its legendary predecessor and murals throughout the concourse serve as reminders of their legends of years past.

At the Verizon Center? A banner from the ‘78 Bullets title team, a couple Georgetown banners and a Capitals banner from when they won the Eastern Conference nearly a decade ago. Oh, and don’t forget about the banners reflecting that the Mystics led the WNBA in attendance for like five years in a row!

After the Celtics-Nets game, a short walk to the Irish pubs, including to the well-known Black Rose, we found bars full of ticked off Celts fans who for hours could be heard debating what in the heck was wrong with them, should Doc Rivers get canned, whether or not they’re too old to compete for another title and what the missing piece might be. After Wizards games, you’re more likely to be engaged by someone in a conversation on health care, Beltway traffic, politics or what their stance is on our troops being in the middle east.

On Day Two of our trip, we hopped on the T and headed to take a tour of Fenway, which is under construction while getting some new seats installed, being prepped for a new field to be laid down after hosting a number of outdoor hockey games this winter and, as our tour guide who recently graduated from Northeastern (we George Mason fans won’t hold it against her, even after Saturday’s last-second heartbreaker at Patriot Center) put it, is the oldest and most historical stadium still in existence (Is old Yankee Stadium already torn down?).

The stories on how the Green Monster came to be, of the red seat in the right field bleachers where Ted Williams hit his 502-foot home run, of upgrades to the stadium since it was originally build in 1912 and how some guy still has to come out between innings to update National League scores because there isn’t enough room in the Monster to do it from the inside were fantastic.

Then came the chance to stand on top of the Monster in its new seats built a few years back, sit in the largest press box in baseball, tour through the back of the stadium and see the Cy Young awards (named for, you got it, the former Red Sox pitcher), team Hall of Fame plaques and the uniforms the team has worn through the years was intriguing.

All the while listening to the guide tell stories of how crazy the city went when the Sox won the World Series in 2004 to end the 86-year Curse of the Bambino. My brother, a Yankees fan, probably shuttered when recalling that year and the big egg his Bronx Bombers laid up 3-games-to-none in the ALCS. He then, on the way out, mentioned the differences between what we just did and taking a tour of Nationals Park when we got home, a tour my step father accurately pointed out could be done in a boorish 15 minutes.

I really don’t even need to mention the Patriots and their three recent Super Bowls for Boston to trump D.C. as the better sports town, it’s already a landslide winner. Even with our Mystics attendance banners.

Who’s up for a road trip this summer?

Hangin with "Perfect 10s"

Donna, Maurisa, Eric, Lauren, Angie, Katherine, BDK

OMG helped Paramount Pictures host a special screening of new comedy “She’s Out of My League“. The film’s leading ladies Krysten Ritter (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and London beauty Alice Eve (Sex and the City 2) snuck in to the AMC Georgetown theater at the end. My pal Kevin McCarthy aka BDK on WJFK hosted a Q&A with the ladies and audience where we discoverd PATE’ was used for this  scene:

She's Out of My League, Paramount 2010

Curious? You’ll have YOUR chance to find out more about the trials of an under-average Joe scoring a “Perfect 10” when the LOL movie hits theaters March 12th. Watch my OMG report on the screening for WUSA9 TV this morning.

Jay Perron & Anne Brady Arrive

Jay Perron & Anne Brady

Krysten Ritter & Alice Eve at AMC Georgetown (Michael Domingo Photography)

Michael Domingo Photography

Dr. Alex Naini & Jon Mervis 

Dr. Alex Naini & Jon Mervis


OMG 1/28/10: Elizabeth leaves, Miriam's Kitchen

OMG on WUSA9 on January 28, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– OH MY GOFF! CBS/AP is reporting that there may be a John Edwards sex tape. CBS references’s new report that says the former presidential candidate starred in his own tape in “several sex acts” with mistress Rielle Hunter. Watch Angie Goff’s report on Edwards separating from his wife, ‘Ugly Betty’ getting canceled, JLo jumping to TV, Miriam’s Kitchen and a college face-off on Facebook.

My Hubby Gets National Face Time


To my hubby me on TV is nothing…but when his mug makes the national circuit I LOVE IT! Here Robert is on ESPN with friends Steven Juk, Nick Gaffos and an overspirited surprise visitor during the HUGE Gamecock win over #1 ranked Kentucky Tuesday night. He’s the curly haired one in the middle. Watch the video below and Way to GO GAMECOCKS!

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