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GMU "Green Machine" Rages

My buddy and fellow Patriot Tom Block uploaded this video that has gone viral! It’s of the George Mason University “Green Machine” Band rocking (and headbangin’) to Rage Against the Machine.

I was once in the band and remember I thought it was cool when we got to do Phantom of the Opera. These guys with horns got it good. Now if they could just bust out some Cee Lo Green… that be some shhhhhhh.

Hats off to Tom!

Congrats to my college buddy (GO GMU!) Tom Block who just got designated a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor through the College of Financial Planning! I’ve taken some of  Tom’s courses at Ameriprise Financial in Centreville– specifically on money management. This is a huge honor for someone who helps so many plan their money goals for life… and gives a ton to the community. Tom has been a big supporter of the ‘Newsbabes‘ and Miriam’s Kitchen just to name a few. Way to go friend!

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