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Doggone Good Story

Great story from the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Facebook Page. This past Monday News4 covered a 2-alarm townhouse fire in Alexandria along Richmond Highway. Units arrived to find a town house well-involved with fire. One of the two guys who lived there got out but another was trapped in a third floor bedroom. Fairfax County crews attacked the fire, threw ladders to the rear of the house and rescued the man.
But in addition to that… a total of five dogs were also found. The majority of them were Bernese Mountain Dogs. The fifth was a Corgi. Unfortunately one dog had died but the remaining four dogs were given oxygen by EMS crews and transported to the 24-hour vet hospital in Springfield. The man rescued earlier was the owner of the dog.

Tuesday Lieutenant Rick Trudeau from Fire Station 11 went back by the house to check in to see how everyone was doing. The man was very distraught, not only over the loss of his home and the injuries to his partner, but also over the situation with the dogs. Already, the emergency care bills were estimated at $6000 and growing, and he had no means to pay for that nor to take the pets back in while their owner is still in the hospital. LT Trudeau and his wife who happen to own three Bernese Mountain Dogs themselves went into action. With the help of a colleague Chuck Ryan they set up a social media effort to find temporary housing for the first of the dogs set to be released from the hospital. They also got in touch with the Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Association’s rescue coordinator. Within 2 hours of the first posting, they were able to locate a compassionate citizen who was willing to take not only one of the dogs, but all of them, as they came out of medical care. This would help tremendously as the owners tried to get their life back on track after such a tragedy of losing so much.

In addition, LT Trudeau and his wife set up a fundraising page on FB through to encourage donations to help the owners defray the very expensive emergency veterinary care for all the dogs.

What’s amazing? In 24 hours, more than $2600 has been raised!! Chuck tells me “We are hoping that by spreading the word, we can help these guys get their lives back in order. It’s bad enough that one of the dogs perished.”

This is once again an example of the power of social media. But it would’ve been impossible without the true compassion of one person.

For more information on helping the pups… visit the site.

'DC Cupcakes' TV Promo is Out!

Georgetown Cupcake girls make a mess and heat things up in their first TV promo.

The show debuts Friday July 16th on TLC!

Goff Can't Cook: Beer Chicken Bomb

Riding to brunch with my little sister I told her how our dad, Ren was planning on cooking a chicken with a beer can.  Jenny exclaimed “Ang, NO! Don’t let him do it. It’s going ot explode.”

After our brunch date we soon found out it was too late.

That’s one hot chicken.

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