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Tiger Woods: “It was never easy to begin with”

Tiger Woods was in town talking education and golf. At a private luncheon hosted at Cafe Milano we stopped in to join Bob Johnson and Franco Nuschese for a lunch honoring Wood’s foundation.

The Tiger Woods Foundation provides college-access programs to underserved kids. Over the last six years the group has served students in Wards 6 and 7 and provided scholarships for 25 DC based students so they can attend top universities. TWF has also awarded grants to 125 youth and education programs across the district.
It was neat to see another side of the golf great. Usually you see him talking post tournament. This was a relaxed luncheon where he started off by saying RGIII was gonna take over this town. When asked about his golf game.. and changing his swing, Tiger said “I haven’t had same consistencies I like but it just takes time.” He also admitted his past success was never easy to begin with. “Even when I played my best it was never easy,” Woods told the crowd.

The pro golfer also got back to his roots. Sharing the reason he changed his golf foundation into an education foundation. Going back to how he was raised.. a military father and a strict mother. He called his mom “the enforcer” and admitted he was afraid of her. Because of his mom education was always his priority.

After 9/11 he asked himself what would he have left behind if he had died in those buildings. Soon after Woods said he called his father Earl and came to the conclusion to make his golf foundation an education foundation to help kids in need. “A lot of kids are left behind… no kids should be left behind,” Woods said.

The TWF focuses on STEM which stands for Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics. Woods adds a good part of the program is that after the students get into college they have a mentor who is available to help them 24/7. Woods adds it’s not all about financial help. This way “they are not alone.”

Woods will be here June 25 through July 1st to host his annual At&T National Golf Tournament and $6.5 million dollar purse. Photos by Tiger Woods Foundation.

Students his charity has helped


After speaking at Congressional about National… he hit the links!

Happy Birthday Andrea

Happy Birthday Andrea Roane.. one of my dearest friends in this world. We had an enchanting afternoon at Cafe Milano. The celebration was hosted by Gwen Russell and Franco Nuschese, the owner of the landmark of a restaurant. In the left wing guests which ranged from co-workers, best friends and community leaders raised a glass and shared Andrea “moments” over an amazing 5 course meal. Thanks to Monika Samtani for capturing the awesome moments below.. yes it appears like a game of “Where’s Andrea” but she’s the birthday girl so she’s allowed to be in all the pictures!

With Irene Natividad and the honored guest

Hostess with the mostess Gwen

Lois Dyer and Pamela Gentry toast their good friend

Jessica Doyle, Andrea Roane, Anetra Gaines and Monika Samtani

Cafe Milano’s Franco Nuschese

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