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“Frosting” Gets Fit

Michelle and Todd Bracken, owner of Frosting in Chevy Chase have started Friends in Training or FIT. It’s a running club that meets every Saturday at their cupcake shop. They run 3-5 miles through Chevy Chase and end at the shop where runners indulge in healthy treats. Michelle and Todd talked about the club and shared one of their favorite healthy recipes.

RECIPE: FIT Coconut & Almond Granola Bar

For more information visit their website at

View more videos at:

Hot tips to grow your following online

Want more facebook friends… more twitter followers? Peter Corbett one of the leading social marketing strategists in DC will join me in studio Saturday for our 9AM show. In addition to offering tips to grow your online presence Peter will discuss highlights of the upcoming Social Media Week in DC February 13-17th!

Also on Saturday the adorable husband-wife duo that owns Frosting in Chevy Chase stop by to talk about their new healthy initiative: FIT. FIT is short for Friends in Training. We’re gonna walk you through making an easy and delicious granola bar right at home!

On Sunday as always NBC is your place for politics. Tune in early to our 6AM show.. David Gregory, moderator of Meet the Press will join us to discuss the very latest in  Decision 2012.

Half Birthday: Adora turns 6 months!

She’s got two teeth and still no knees… my little Adora turns 6 months today. We celebrated her half-birthday (isn’t that the trend these days?) at Red Velvet. Click here for more pictures…

Having her first taste of frosting!

Color blind boys?

This is what happens when you send your brother-in-laws out to get RED food coloring.

Princess for a Day

It’s hard to explain how lucky you feel.. when good friends make you feel like this.

To Kerry: I love my tiara

To Laura: The flowers smell terrific

To Katherine: Thank you for throwing me a baby shower at your beautiful home

To all my friends: My baby is so lucky to already be surrounded by such great love

DC Cupcake Couple Inspire Reality Romance Novel


Michelle Snow Bracken and hubby Todd had their story picked up by Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers! The sweet couple met online a few years ago, got married and began Frosting a very successful cupcakery in Friendship Heights… Read More

Erica Moody contributed to this report

Georgetown Cupcake Gets TLC Reality Show

georgetowncupcake.comAn industry insider tells me DC’s sweetest duo, sisters Katherine and Sophie of Georgetown Cupcake will star in their own reality show. Production for a series on TLC is scheduled to start this month. The network is already running a popular pastry inspired show Cake Boss.

From what I’m told the plot digs way past the frosting… into the core of what’s behind this cupcake making power that has taken the Nation’s capitol by storm!

I have to admit Katherine & Sophie are two of my favorite guests in studio and I love that they let me go wild with the frosting tube! Do you have a favorite flavor at GC?

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