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‘Wetopia’ helps the world

I guess I’ve always been a gamer at heart.  Yeah that’s me and my makeshift Luigi costume when Super Mario FIRST came out in the 80’s. How things have changed. Gaming has been taken to a whole new level as popularity of sharing the experience explodes online.

WeTopia: In Game Coins for Real Charity

I wanted to tell you about a new game called Wetopia The motto is simple: Social gaming for social good. The more you play it on Facebook.. the more you help kids in need. It’s connected with Save the Children among other charities.

Ellen Degeneres is a partner and I’m proud to say the founder, Lincoln Brown is the brother of my gal pal Pamela. Unlike other games on Facebook where you make pretend farms and so on… people who play WeTopia actually make a real impact on causes. No fake money here… as a player you earn currency called “joy” and spend it on projects like planting trees or helping schools.

Read more about WeTopia here.


Big thanks to my buddy and fellow Patriot Tom Block for helping keep the GMU pride in the family! Baby Adora is now officially part of Mason Nation. Congrats to the green and gold for beating Delaware last night. That’s 5 in a row BABY!

Adora: "I was born COCKY!"

It’s gametime baby. All morning long I’ve been fired up about South Carolina’s fight for the SEC Championship against #1 ranked Auburn.

We scored our first touchdown!

The excitement was short lived. Everyone knows babies are innocent- we can’t hide how we truly feel.

What was so funny– despite the loss– daddy was still smiling for some reason.

Blonde's Big Win, Break 5 Year Losing Streak

Click to see BVB TV shout out on WUSA9

I admit it.  It took a couple days to accept it.

The BLONDES win big… the BRUNETTES gave it their best. Fellow Bru Carissa Maguire was not bitter after the heartbreaking loss saying it was a ‘great game in overtime.’ In the end the Blondes prevailed beating Team Brunette in O-T 26-20.  The MVP goes to…. all of the wonderful ladies regardless if they sport the pink or blue. Together they raised more than $100,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association.  It’s the kind of touchdowns… that touch lives.  Way to go Blondes vs Brunettes 2010.




Photo Credit: Stewart W. Small Photography

Goals for Good April 24th

David playing in college

Okay hunks hitting the field for a great reason. Need I say more.  My gal pal Keri Ann Meslar and power player behind the popular Blondes vs Brunettes comes from such a great family.  Her brother, David Meslar  aka cutie-pie is now raising his racket to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. Goals for Good will be an annual event held to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association right here in Washington, DC. Every 70 seconds, somebody is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association is committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and providing much needed support to those affected by this disease.

Each donation of $10 is considered admission to the game and the after-party at George. Tickets will be $20 at the door. Of course, larger donations are welcome! To make a donation, please visit the official fundraising page at

George Mason Homecoming

Coach Larranaga

What a heartbreaker it was Saturday night at the Patriot Center. Homecoming ended with a very close loss and what many would say a very bad call against George Mason in the weeeee seconds left in the game. Charleston played a strong game as expected following their recent win over NC.

Thanks to Emily Nolan and our fave grandpa for scoring us amazing floor seats. Ren & Chin and the hubby enjoyed the view. Also, big hats off to Coach L who put on a big smile and took the time to come out to meet my father (a big fan) following the tough loss.

Patriot pictures: Emily Nolan & Kelly McKay

Emily Nolan and Kelly McKay

AOII sis Catherine Wyser-Pratte, Izzie and Josh in the Patriot Club

Catherine, Izzy and Josh

AOII sis Chrissy Tully with Dad and Brother at Tailgate

Chrissy Tully and Family

Chin & Ren Cheer on the Patriots

Chin & Ren

My old roomies..former GMU basketball stars Jen Surlas & Jill Regan

Jen & Jill


OMG 1/28/10: Elizabeth leaves, Miriam's Kitchen

OMG on WUSA9 on January 28, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– OH MY GOFF! CBS/AP is reporting that there may be a John Edwards sex tape. CBS references’s new report that says the former presidential candidate starred in his own tape in “several sex acts” with mistress Rielle Hunter. Watch Angie Goff’s report on Edwards separating from his wife, ‘Ugly Betty’ getting canceled, JLo jumping to TV, Miriam’s Kitchen and a college face-off on Facebook.

My Hubby Gets National Face Time


To my hubby me on TV is nothing…but when his mug makes the national circuit I LOVE IT! Here Robert is on ESPN with friends Steven Juk, Nick Gaffos and an overspirited surprise visitor during the HUGE Gamecock win over #1 ranked Kentucky Tuesday night. He’s the curly haired one in the middle. Watch the video below and Way to GO GAMECOCKS!

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