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Marine to dance with First Lady

Would you want to be in this guy’s shoes?  Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Timothy Easterling has been chosen to represent the Marines during the Traditional First Dance at the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball. This means he will dance with First Lady Michelle Obama. I had a chance to catch up with him for his first TV interview and he admitted he’s a little nervous. Above all he’s honored to represent his branch of service as well as the people of his home state of  South Carolina (He’s a Barnwell native!). Tune in to News4 Sunday morning for more on how he found out he was chosen and what he’s been doing to practice for the big night!

Good luck Sgt. Easterling and GO GAMECOCKS! That’s right.. he’s also a Carolina fan. I say OORAH to that!

Go Gamecocks!

We’re rooting for the garnet and black at the College World Series! Let’s get a repeat boys! BEAT FLORIDA!

HB one of OMG's BFFs has landed in NYC

In broadcasting you meet some of the most incredibly talented and kind hearted people around. A former reporting colleague from my days at WIS-TV in SC who later became a close friend and bridesmaid has MADE IT!

Congratulaions to Heather Brown formerly of WCCO  in the Twin Cities! She is going to the Big Apple! Good luck at FOX’s WNYW in New York you deserve to be there! Not only are they lucky to have you… but beware dear friend you are now only a 4 hour bolt bus ride away!

ps.. don’t forget us little guys… we are so much fun don’t you remember!

Redskins Baby!

It’s Gameday AGAIN.. and shout out to the NFL for making maternity wear for sports fans! I feel great about this game because we’ve been on a roll this week. Gamecocks Won, Clemson Lost and Georgia Lost. Just need that Redskins win to make it complete! HAIL!

My Hubby Gets National Face Time


To my hubby me on TV is nothing…but when his mug makes the national circuit I LOVE IT! Here Robert is on ESPN with friends Steven Juk, Nick Gaffos and an overspirited surprise visitor during the HUGE Gamecock win over #1 ranked Kentucky Tuesday night. He’s the curly haired one in the middle. Watch the video below and Way to GO GAMECOCKS!

Eww. Nissan Pavilion now Jiffy Lube Live?

Jiffy Lube LiveJess Doyle first reported this on the morning show today..and then @tomcblock sent it to me on twitter saying “I just see too many dirty jokes with this” and I think he’s right. What capis Live Nation thinking with the name change? Anything with LUBE in the title is destined to be a comical target.  I mean… it just sounds wrong… Coming Soon.. Taylor Swift to “The Lube”. Venues always get their name cut… The Pavilion, Wolf Trap, Merriweather clear examples.

On the flip side, this South Carolina die hard fan still wears her “Cocks” cap around Washington.  It’s annoying when people make wise cracks because it’s perfectly normally down south. So perhaps music and art patrons in the metro will take a similar liking to J-Lube Live.

I guess we’ll find out if the new name sticks.

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