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We’re having a…

It was with amazing discipline that I decided not to find  out if I was having a boy or girl at my 20 week sonogram. Instead I had the technician put the answer in an envelope.

I brought it home and handed it to my sister Jenny who ecstatically ripped it open in front of me. She was the first to know.

We waited days until our close family could all be together. Jenny in the meantime set up a very cute “Reveal!”  A 20 week secret all wrapped up.

On the big day, Jenny enlisted the help of future big sister, Adora Kate.


And just like that.. the name lives on. We’re ready to welcome a IV to the fam! Can you be tickled blue? We’re so happy!

In true Goff fashion.. Jenny topped “the reveal” with some humor.We arrived to a celebratory lunch to find all this!

Thanks sister.. love you.

Photos by Janette Kim Photography. Balloon from Bonbon Balloons.



Boy or Girl?

So now is the fun time. Learning if it’s a boy or a girl. I’m going to find out very soon but wanted to see what you think. Here’s of pic of the baby so far and here are some guesses:

Me: Boy
Husband: No clue
My father: Girl
Ladies at my nail salon: All say Boy

Summer fun… first swim

Hello from Litchfield Beach! Spent day one celebrating the last  7 months with a baby’s first swim!

Newborn Photo Shoot

Photographer Moshe Zusman gave me some of the best advice prior to the birth of my baby. He said- get pictures of your newborn done immediately- everything changes so much after one week- their purplish hands and toes, pruned skin, swollen eyes. So we did. Adora wrote about it on her blog with some behind-the-scenes shots. When I saw the final pictures I cried. You want your baby to grow, to get bigger, to open their eyes but at the same time you want to remember them like this forever. You want to remember how much you stared at every little thing for hours ( like the hair on her ears) trying to understand how this was possible. That something so amazing, so real and little could come from ‘you.’  Thank you Moshe for giving us these moments to cherish always. See more pictures from the shoot at Moshe’s Blog.

VIDEO: Oh My Baby, We're having a little…

booger that will look too cute coming home in this:

Alexa at The Magic Wardrobe helped me pick out this beautiful Pixie Lily sack with pink scallops and matching cap. 

I would love for you to join me on this new adventure .. I’m gonna need a lot of advice along the way. Follow my pregnancy online here:

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: WUSA9 is there when Hubby and me find out if we’re having a boy or a girl 

Oh My Baby! It's a…

What a wonderful experience finding out the sex of our child. My husband was there as well as Channel 9 capturing the whole thing. We got in there and I was as nervous as can be… in fact every sonogram I’ve been to I’ve been terribly nervous.. until I hear the heartbeat. Well we heard it! We saw it… we even got a close up and could see the 4 chambers of the heart. Truly amazing.

The sonographer Tom said that everything looks wonderful .. the only thing is that he/she is a little bigger than average! We’ve got a piggy in the making. 🙂 Tom said that that’s nothing to worry about at all.

So is it a boy or a girl? We now know for sure and Channel 9 holds the secret. WUSA’s Peggy Fox will be doing the story that will air next week… so until then I’m sworn to secrecy.. and YES it is killing me. Stay tuned… I’ll let you know the date and time.. and will definitely post the story here and on my Oh My BABY pat at

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