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I’m having Splashbacks

America’s favorite mermaid gets arrested at the White House. Daryl Hannah was protesting an oil pipeline expansion. As I watched her be cuffed and whisked away a couple random thoughts came to mind.

  • My childhood visit Aquarena Springs in San Marcos TX- where you could see pigs dive and an underwater mermaid show
  • “Madison” use to be an uncommon name
  • This time she wasn’t arrested for indecent exposure but can’t help but think she looks awesome at 50

Wounded warriors hit the links

Veteran with Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Photo Credit: Michael Clements Photography

It’s one of my favorite events of the year: The Yellow Ribbon Fund Army-Navy Golf Classic. This year General Stanley McChrystal was the guest of honor. Once again we had the chance to meet some amazing heroes at the tourney that pairs injured service members with supporters on the greens.

Golfers this year raised more than $217,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund. YRF supports injured servicemembers in the area and their families.  I was honored to co-host the awards ceremony with This Week in Defense host Vago Muradian. Photos by Michael Clements. Tune in to WUSA9’s Morning Show Wednesday to see coverage from the great day!

PHOTOS: YRF Army-Navy Classic 2011
MORE: Wounded Vets Swing for Challenge

Check out coverage from the awards ceremony on WUSA9

Morning Team in Green

Wishing you a happy and SAFE St. Paddy’s to our people! Thanks for waking up with our team!

Flippin' Rad: Yoga Mat Flops

It was like my toes melted in my shoes with comfort.

The yoga mat flip flops by SANUK are so comfortable! With the recent swelling of my feet (pregnancy rocks!) they answer a desperate kankle’s calling. Even more awesome? The environmentally friendly bag they come in.. and the mega cool Donovan Frankenreiter mustache in a package threatening ‘Imitators Will Be Shaved’.

Catch me if you can.. but good luck. I’m soaring in my Sanuks!


BUMP or DUMP: Emerald City

One of my favorite designers (she did my jr bridesmaids and flower girl gowns) Liz Stajka made this 100% silk gown for me for the Komen 30th Anniversary Gala at the Kennedy Center! What do you think? Check out her new gowns for the fall full of beautiful jewel tones like this at Little Flowers by Odyssey. Liz also has a new couture bridal line called Elizabeth St. John.

Make Room for… Bassinet

This was a gift from my parents. A non-traditional round bassinet… off-white with a delicate green french toile print. It matches my antique bedroom furniture perfectly. I just adore the little curtain on top.

POLL: What color carseat?

We don’t find out the sex of ‘little omg’ for a few weeks but that won’t determine the color carseat. I definitely want a Maxi Cosi … at 8lbs it’s one of the lightest infant carseats out there! Thanks Linda at BabytoBeTV for the suggestion! I’ve narrowed it down to black, red and green. Decisions, decisions! Can you help!





iPhone 4 is ordered + my perfect antenna fix

Antennagate wasn’t enough to keep me from canning Verizon and ordering the new iPhone4.  In fact… I also ordered my own solution to fixing the antenna problem.  It’s called


It kinda looks like a band-aid but oh wait.. that’s what it is! I figure the benefits of the phone will definitely outweigh the aesthetics of a little sticker. Plus.. now my phone can match my outfits 🙂

Bump or Dump: Little 'Lilly'

Photo courtesy of an “Oh My Gawd I still can’t believe you’re preggers!” Pamela Sorensen

How do you like them cupcakes

Green bagels, cupcakes, the circus is in town.. what more could a girls ask for on her birthday. I admit it. It’s the best day to be born. For the rest of your life you know that no matter what there’s gonna be a party. Thank you so much for all of your bday wishes on my twitter and facebook page. I have such great friends and viewers. My traffic bud Kris even made me cupcakes and the newsroom gave me a big card. Birthday shout outs  for fellow green babies PR maven Jill Collins, Politico’s Tim Burger and OMG loyal reader and childhood bud Isabel Chacon Martinez!

Whether you’re trying to survive another year or the biggest drinking day on the calendar I hope it’s a good one.  My gift to you: Tips courtesy of the Geek Squad on saving your wet cell phone after it falls into a mug of green stuff! C’mon.. we’ve all been there.
1) Turn off phone and remove battery
2) Dry the phone (inside & out) with clean cloth
3) Check if you have beef jerky or uncooked rice
4) If Beef Jerky take the silica packet and put it in an airtight container with the phone and leave it overnight. If rice, pour the rice inside the airtight container and put your phone in the rice and leave overnight.
5) Replace battery and turn it on!

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