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Irene… I’m ready

Someone is leg’d and ready for Irene!

Irene messing up your weekend? We know that the rain or shine rule regarding the MLK Jr. Memorial Dedication is now out the door. The ceremony has been postponed indefinitely. In Maryland, Ocean City is under evacuation orders. Irene could hit the resort Saturday. In Virginia, the place I was headed for a little vaca called to say they’ll be closed this weekend.

MORE: Track the storm’s path

Tourists and travelers are being impacted all over. My husband’s flight from SC was cancelled Thursday, the airline saying because of the storm.  On the way home I saw a guy in the elevator carrying a bulk supply of water and adult beverages. As he struggled to hold it all up against the wall he exclaimed “I’m ready!”

On facebook,  my radio pal Tommy McFly who lives in DC posted this saying “Hurricane mania! Lines halfway down the aisles at the Social Safeway. Too much? I just wanted hummus.”

Then there is food writer Jordan Wright who has perhaps the most beautiful preparations I have ever heard of. She writes “Irene Storm Prep 101 – Jar of hibiscus flowers, anchovy stuffed olives, pickled ramps and fiddlehead ferns, bottle of Alaskan birch syrup and ten cans of coconut water – Rigaud candles and a fine Pomerol.”


Inbox Exposed: It's Baaaaack


It’s the save-the-date so many Washingtonians have been waiting for especially my gal pal Carissa Maguire. I recall one of her facebook status updates: “Social Safeway please get built”

Well the constant underconstruction site is so close to being ready and they’re throwing a party. The formal invitation to follow promises  dancing in the aisles, sampling gourmet food and wine and celebrating the return of the city’s most famous grocery store.  May 5th.. Social Safeway I’m ready and you bet I’m gonna bring my best ‘shopping cart’.

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