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Happy New Year!

2015 is gonna be good.. we can feel it.

Hope in 2012

I often joke about what “hope” is ever since I heard a funny radio jock say it’s just the “postponement of disappointment”. Think about it. We “hope” to win the lottery. We “hope” for a good pay raise. We “hope” the Redskins win… the list goes on.

But I still find it great that so many Americans are hopeful for 2012. We reported that a new AP-GfK poll shows that 62% of people said they were optimistic about what the New Year will bring the nation. 78% said they’re upbeat about how 2012 will impact their family.

Almost 40% said they think the next year will be better financially for them.

How do you feel about saying goodbye to 2011. How do you plan to make this upcoming year better than the past. Resolutions? I’m not big on them but I am going to try to do better with my spending. Balancing my own personal budget will be a big task but I’m up for it.


By the way if you’re not going out on NYE’s don’t forget to join us on NBC for a big New Year’s Eve celebration. I’ll be anchoring the 6 & 11pm newscasts too. Then on Sunday, January 1st don’t miss our 9AM show.  I’ll have the next thing closest to a modern day Greek God.. personal trainer Laurent in studio. He’s going to show us some upbeat Yala moves that we can do quickly and in our own home to whip ourselves back into shape!

News4 Today 9AM on Sunday… better than aspirin, I promise.
Happy New Year all!


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