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Thank you to the great towns around DC who welcomed us the last couple weeks. From Hyattsville, Herndon to Arlington and Silver Spring— it was an absolute blast. There is so much history, culture and things to brag about for each place we  stopped in. This fun summer field trip really opened my eyes and mind… motivating me to venture out beyond my comfort zone! Check out our #CelebratingSummer seriesonline. Stay tuned for our next stop…

Look who helped us step it up while #CelebratingSilverSpring! #KappaAlphaPsi #SilverSpringNupes

— Angie Goff (@OhMyGOFF) July 17, 2014

Onion rings shouldn't look this good in the morning… But they do. @BurgerFi #celebratingsilverspring

— DC Scene (@dcscene) July 17, 2014

Thank you @NBC4_WRC for a great morning and a great start of the day! #CelebratingSilverSpring @angiegoff #wsc

— Miranda Roldán (@Miranda_Roldan) July 17, 2014

Billboard ranked musician Marcus Johnson performing at #CelebratingSilverSpring !

— Devin Williams (@devwills) July 17, 2014

#KappaAlphaPsi Alumni Step Team about to take the stage. Don't miss the show! #CelebratingSilverSpring

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) July 17, 2014


#KappaAlphaPsi Alumni Step Team about to take the stage. Don't miss the show! #CelebratingSilverSpring

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) July 17, 2014

We're #CelebratingArlington all day long!

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) July 15, 2014


Can't wait to do this LIVE from @busboysandpoets w @andyshallal & @_2deep_ ! #tune-in #CelebratingHyattsville

— Angie Goff (@OhMyGOFF) July 8, 2014

#News4Today is #CelebratingHyattsville! Tune in to watch @OhMyGoff explore the city.

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) July 8, 2014


#CelebratingHerndon and #CeleratingSummer with @Jimmys_Tavern! @OhMyGOFF

— Amelia Segal (@ameliasegal) July 10, 2014

So lucky to have a blast from the past show up! I was @chuckecheese for my 1st Job in Herndon! #CelebratingHerndon

— Angie Goff (@OhMyGOFF) July 10, 2014

#Herndon is becoming a home for the arts! @gracehanwolf takes us to @artspaceherndon next! We're #CelebratingHerndon

— Angie Goff (@OhMyGOFF) July 10, 2014

#CelebratingHerndon talking to the Mayor! @nbcwashington

— Jasmine (@jasmineturner07) July 10, 2014

Musical matters

IMG_8130Do you play an instrument? I grew up in South Korea so I really had no choice. If you’re familiar with Korean culture you know that learning the piano or a violin is pretty much a given. I chose piano and played through my adolescent years. I was competitive and very good. In the 4th grade I performed Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5  and the audience was blown away. It took a lot of practice and practice is what I did hard. Perhaps so hard I began to hate it. The minute my parents said I could quit.. I did faster than you could say crescendo. Til this day.. it’s one of my biggest regrets.

My daughter at 2 1/2 comes alive with music. People are surprised by how extroverted and coordinated she is. I have to admit.. she impresses me too. One day we were walking by a music shop and she insisted on going in. She told me she really wanted music. I told her we’d give it a try.

So we signed up for Bach 2 Rock’s Rock City class. It was $20 for a 45 minute session. The class is a drop-off class for 3-5 year olds but Adora fit in great. She got to play a violin, and did some rhythm and movement-based activities. In the end there’s musical story-time. The whole idea is to introduce them to the fundamentals of making music. B2R has all kind of classes for many age groups– they even have a Battle of the Bands in the summer! I think you can tell from the pics of her first class (and a lil video below) we’ll be back.

IMG_8110 IMG_8124

Someone’s Got Moves Like Jagger

Pumpkin picking

I can’t remember when I fell in love with Fall. All I know is that I can’t help going ga-ga over every gourd and pumpkin. I decided to take the baby to pick out a pumpkin. You can tell.. she got one at the size a 10 month old can handle. I couldn’t stop saying all day .. just how perfect this day was. The weather was breezy, sun shining, grass crinkling beneath our shoes… and endless smiles that never get old. It’s more than picking pumpkins… this was truly a moment of recognizing all the great things the present has to offer.



Happy Anniversary Kirk & Mike

Big congrats to Kirk McEwen and Mike O’Meara the funny co-hosts of the Kirk &  Mike Show on 105.9 The Edge. I love being part of this show daily and can honestly say they always help put me in a good mood early in the morning even when I’m fighting it.

PHOTOS: K&M Anniversary Party

The dynamic duo had a little party to celebrate 1 year of being on air together in hometown Herndon at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern. I brought the whole clan out to celebrate. I think the highlight was the guys got to meet CHIN!  Congrats K&M.. here’s to many more years of cracking us up during DC’s most terrible morning drive.

The party gets out shout out on WUSA


Restaurant owner Jimmy presents the CAKE

K&M’s biggest lil fan Adora stopped by early for some dinner

Ask Chin: Do you Djay?

It’s been some time since we’ve asked Chin anything. This time we wanna know if she can spin the decks. She’s not internationally known but I assure you she’s “Big in Herndon.”

Sue Sylvester would be proud!

 “I’m going to ask you to smell your armpits. That’s the smell of failure, and it’s stinking up my office.” -Sue Sylvester

The Herndon High School cheerleading squad should have no shame putting their hands up in the air these days!  They’re Virginia’s new Cheerleading Northern Regional Champs! This calls for an ‘ASK CHIN’ moment. Take it away MOM!

 Congrats to my little sister Coach Jenny Goff and her knock-out cheerleading squad at Herndon High School.  They beat out some FIERCE competition for the #1 honor of being named 2010 Regional Champions. Now it’s off to States this Saturday in Richmond where we are sending them kudos of good luck!

Way to go Hornets!

OMG! The Article in I AM Modern is Out


Saturday: Herndon Nails Supports Breast Cancer

With the Race for the Cure this weekend, the excitement of raising awareness of breast cancer is everywhere.

Related: Ho Ho Ho On My Toe!

Breast Cancer survivor Cindy Pearson shares a fundraiser at Herndon Nail Salon and Spa. All day Saturday June 5th between noon and 6pm the spa is donating 100-percent of their services (manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages) to the Inova Breast Care Institute in Falls Church. The salon is located at 754 Elden Street in downtown Herndon. For more information call 437-9111 or visit the salon at

Watch Angie’s report on the event below on WUSA9-TV. See full story here.

ASK CHIN: Are you old?

Ask Chin

February 12th is President Lincoln’s birthday but it’s also the infamous CHIN’S- my Korean mom. Our series of “ASK CHIN: Simple answers to simple questions” continues. In this latest edition we Ask Chin: Are you old?


As you know our newsteam has been put up in hotels and drivers are taking us to and from work. My car and dog are stuck snowed in Herndon. My parents are playing babysitter. My father Ren filed this report.





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