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NBC4’s Education Nation Special

Thanks for all who made News4’s Education Special with Aaron Gilchrist a success. There was a range of important topics covered. One issue involved just how big of a wake-up call college is for most high school students. I went back to college to find out the secrets to success and will be sharing them on News4 at 5PM Tuesday Oct 28th. I hope you can tune in.

Prom Queen Crowned in Hospital

When I heard about how the Prom King and Queen crowning went at Lake Braddock Secondary my heart was touched. Everyone was talking about it after the King Justin Um posted a picture of him with the Queen, girlfriend Shelley Mills.
Usually the crowing is the highlight of the big dance full of anticipation and excitement. But at Lake Braddock the moment was emotional. After Justin was crowned King he walked off stage during the commemorative slow dance. He then hailed a cab to the hospital where Shelley was being treated for bad abdominal pain. He walked into her room and presented her the sash and crown. Justin says she started to feel better and it turned out to be the best prom a guy could ask for. This after… he did a highway campaign to ask Shelley to the prom with him!

After posting the picture on Facebook.. the royal couple was inundated with responses and well wishes.  Just saw Shelley is in the hospital again.. according to her twitter page.


SMASH: West Springfield High School

Derek Bowley talks with students

More than 60 students spent the afternoon with us at West Springfield High School for a viewing party for SMASH! Musical director Derek Bowley joined us and shared how the show mirrors real life on stage. Bowley who has worked with writers on new shows at the Kennedy Center among other places says it can take up to 6 years for an idea for a musical to become reality. He says with new shows like in SMASH the writers are actually in the room during rehearsals. Bowley is also advises NBC’s SMASH: Make a Musical Program. The program brings theater to schools that have never put on a production. .

Anedra Edwards films West Springfield HS Students

Washington Journalist & Media Conference Recap

More than 150 High School journalists were in DC for the week long Washington Journalism and Media Conference hosted by George Mason University. More here..

Prom dress code divides students, parents

I’m hearing that Prom this year at Freedom High School in Loudoun County is “polarizing” the community. I’m told it all started after the school posted a dance “‘dress code.” Here’s a copy of what the kids got- basically no high slits, cut out bodices, plunging necklines and ultra low open backs.

Shocker.. students are upset. So much so they aren’t going- to THAT prom. In fact, I’ve learned via an anti-dress rule revolution online the students organized an “alternate’ party. One on a boat. One that got more than 60 students out to a local McDonalds within half an hour to sign up for the unofficial “second prom.”

MORE: Girl gets arrested for her prom dress

Last night I’m told the principal held a meeting– parents came out swinging on both sides and nothing was decided upon. So come next week.. we’ve got two parties and now parents saddened that their kids who’ve grown up together won’t share one of the biggest moments in high school.

Also, included in the rules that went out: this graphic. Can’t help but find it amusing. I’m not gonna share the bump ‘n’ grind pictures attached to it showing “appropriate” and “inappropriate” dancing.  Just use your imagination.

Hudson goes GLEE for Fashion for Paws!

It will be a night of karaoke, gourmet finger-foods & specialty cocktails, and some good ol’ high school fun! Join Rachel DeMita for her fundraising event for Fashion For Paws on February 24th at Hudson Restaurant. Check out the flyer below for more details:


To buy tickets or make a donation, visit Rachel’s Model Page

Please email Rachel at if you have any further questions.

Sue Sylvester would be proud!

 “I’m going to ask you to smell your armpits. That’s the smell of failure, and it’s stinking up my office.” -Sue Sylvester

The Herndon High School cheerleading squad should have no shame putting their hands up in the air these days!  They’re Virginia’s new Cheerleading Northern Regional Champs! This calls for an ‘ASK CHIN’ moment. Take it away MOM!

 Congrats to my little sister Coach Jenny Goff and her knock-out cheerleading squad at Herndon High School.  They beat out some FIERCE competition for the #1 honor of being named 2010 Regional Champions. Now it’s off to States this Saturday in Richmond where we are sending them kudos of good luck!

Way to go Hornets!

Local Teachers are 'I'm A Be' for Breast Cancer

Watch the full story as shown on the WUSA9 Morning Show

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports on a South County Secondary School’s laugh-out-loud fundraiser for the Race for the Cure. Plus, more on a swanky Marriott rooftop celebration for Earth Day to save the rainforest.

Buy Ticket: 2009 Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer

Watch:  South Co. Secondary School’s Uncut ‘I’m a Be’ Performance

VIDEO: Marriott’s Eco-Cocktail Rooftop Reception at the JW Marriott with host Kathleen Matthews

WTG: Female named football head coach

natalie randolph

Ladies.. we’ve always been told we can do anything and why shouldn’t that include coachin’ on the gridiron. Natalie Randolph, former DC Divas (women indoor football league) player is the new head football caoch at Coolidge High School in DC.  According to the Post interview the American Football Coaches Association has female members but there’s no record of one ever being named head coach.

This moment makes me so proud. Before my broadcast years my ultimate dream was to play college hoops for the Lady Longhorns. From my basketball shams in theSAHS Falcons bedroom to my Dominique Wilkins terry cloth bath towel… everything in my life revolved around the hardwood. My teammates and me never aspired for more than college because the thought of a pro womens basketball league was wishful thinking.

Times.. they are a changing.

[Pictured: 1) Randolph as an assistant coach at Woodson. 2) Can you find me in this high school team picture? Hint: David Robinson was my idol.]

My Dad, the hero and dummy

Chin & Ren Married 37 Years

As a traffic anchor I know the dangers of sunglare which is why I often remind viewers to “bring the shades” when my camera shots are turning up hot. Today my dad Ren was with the infamous Chin headed to a medical appt when he witnessed a woman who couldn’t see the light go through a busy Fairfax Co. intersection at 40-50 mph. He knew it was gonna be bad … and CRASH…. a truck, another car and the woman’s vehicle collided sending her into what appeared to be a never ending spin out.Ren quickly pulled aside after watching smoke engulf the car. He noticed the woman could not get out. He couldn’t get her driver’s door open and pulled SO hard he ripped the handle off the door (insert gun show here). He finally managed to get open the back door where he pulled the lady through carefully as she talked him through where she was feeling pain. Dad said Fairfax Co was there in a jiffy…as was EMS and they kept the woman laid out in the back of his Honda Odyssey til they could take her to the hospital.

I say dad’s a hero.Back Then
Ask Chin and she says “He’s a dummy”
(she declined to go on camera for another ‘ask chin’)

Now it’s not that Chin isn’t compassionate… but as a wife who dearly loves her husband she was in fear. She followed with “What if the car blew up?” I can understand that. Ren responded “I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

In news, I’ve covered a share of tragedies, near tragedies and tales of inspiration. The truth is you NEVER know how you’re gonna react until you’re put in a real game-time-decision role. We’ve seen the horrific stories of the man hit by a car and no one stopping to help. Or the teen who’s being repeatedly raped in front a crowd… and no one speaks out.

I just wanted to share a story that reminds me how lucky we are to have real heroes in our everyday lives. I urge you to take time today to thank or send a note to those you know would do anything for you… or a perfect stranger.

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