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Big Find: VA Pop-Up Boutique

It’s like Etsy in real time. That’s the best way to describe Hillary Tattersall’s Virginia home and it’s basement.  The founder of Chicks Picks has commissioned local women to make fashion and home accessories for the last 6 years and I got the regal treatment when doing a story on her Royal Wedding line. As a lover of everything vintage it was such overload. (Note to self: don’t bring credit card on shopping assignment!)

Check out the pictures below. I ended up getting a handmade Victiorianesque mirror and bows for Adora , earrings for me and the coolest sunglasses case I’ve ever seen. My prize find– this Chanel ring made by a local woman with old buttons! Oh did I mention… this won’t break the bank.

I told Hillary in our interview this is like a secret society of shoppers— given that the hundreds of ladies that attend her seasonal weekend events are invited by girls in the know. The best part is that everything she sells and more is available on her site

Watch my story with Hillary below

Look who's coming to dinner

I fell madly in love with these Ladies-in-Waiting plates by Balducci. There are four different ones. There’s just something about a woman who wears a ship in her hair while having afternoon tea.  I’m having a great time outfitting the new pad, plus I finally get to break out all those monogrammed wedding gifts from more than 2 years ago!

Gettin' POSH With The Greens'

We had a blast at Redskins Hall of Famer Darrell Green’s gorgeous house recently when his gem of a wife Jewell hosted a POSH Girl party for her girlfriends.

We’re talking designer clothes, cupcakes, high-end  consignment with Christie’s Closet.. oh and even some relaxation in the sunroom where you could give lash extentions a try!

If you’re intersted in a POSH GiRL event contact Jewell or follow her on twitter @POSH44 and Facebook

Check out video from the event that aired on WUSA9 this morning below!

Inbox Exposed: From the VP

Got this in the mail following my recent visit to the VP’s house.

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Lynda Carter: At home with 'Wonder Woman'

It’s not everyday an American icon opens his or her door to a roving reporter but with great kindness Lynda Carter welcomed me into her home. Her mansion was a like a museum… an abundance of family and ancestry portraits, stones  from Mexico, dolls from Korea, Wonder Woman pillow here… Wonder Woman statue there. The wow factor wasn’t tough to find… her impressive ‘wall of fame’ featured Carter framed with everybody from Prince Charles to Michael Jackson, Bob Hope, Jimmy Carter. I couldn’t stop thinking of all the amazing stories that must’ve come with those moments.

We decided on her piano room for the sit down interview since music would be the main topic of our conversation. Carter talked about her upcoming performance at the Kennedy Center this weekend and revealed there’s a new album in the works. We talked songwriting, family (laughed about how kids use to call her son ‘wonder boy’ in school), charity and how she hopes there’s a wonder woman in all of us. Of course we got to see those famous bracelets, the headband and the magic lasso too! Stay tuned for when my one-on-one with Lynda airs on  WUSA9 TV this week.

OMG 01/27/10: Miss DC Makeover, Abdul Dances?

OMG on WUSA9 on January 27, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)–OH MY GOFF! Angie Goff reports on Paula Abdul, who was reportedly offered big bucks to do Dancing with the Stars.  Howard Stern’s contract expires with Sirius soon and Tyra Banks launches a teen plus-size model search. Angie’s ARMY reports on Miss DC’s apartment makeover and a date auction benefitting breast cancer research.

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