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iCade: Return to glory days of gaming

It’s the return to the glory days of gaming! If you loved Atari… Asteroid, Pong, Breakout .. Centipede raise your hand and grab your iPad. I absolutely love my new iCade. It’s a cabinet with old school controllers that hold your iPad. You just sync it up with your bluetooth, download the Atari Greatest Hits app and cha ching… start playing! I’ve already wasted an hour at the controls. This may not be a good thing.

Free iPads, HDTV’s, CAPS tix and more

LIKE NBC Washington on Facebook and you could win some killer stuff including iPads, HD TV’s, Caps tickets, nook e readers and more!

Get Cash for old iPad and other gadgets

My dad the gadget guru told me he got more than $500 for his old iPad through a website called Dad like me of course wants the new iPad. I’m gonna see how much I can get for mine. They send you a FedEx label online and you just print and mail within 30 days. Within 10 days they’ll send you your money or transfer to a paypal account. Check out the story on in the New York Times. You can sell back a ton of other techy stuff too like cameras, cell phones, blackberrys… you name it!

Go bottoms UP for colon cancer!

It’s time to go ‘bottoms up’ for a great cause! On September 30, The Mighty Pint will host a night of drinks, prizes and networking to raise money for Colon Cancer Alliance.

Starting at 6:00pm, the first drink is on the house, while drink specials and complimentary appetizers are available all night!  A raffle will feature prizes like an iPad and 4 DC United tickets (courtesy of Mike Thornsbury).    

Lisa Byrne and Nicole Siobal need your support to raise awareness.What are you waiting for? It’s time to turn the table and nag your parents! The Colon Cancer Alliance recommends that people starting at age 50 should get routine colonoscopies… Don’t let your loved ones be affected!

RSVP on Facebook!

Pick of the Day: Peace, momma

My mother, the famous CHIN keeping the peace during my move to the new condo.. with iPad loaded with the latest slot machine games.  She was a winner for hours.

I have a baby, His name is iPad

Born today April 3, 2010. iPad’s a bit a of square and is a healthy but husky 64GBs!

@sfsam22 @aishajcreative on twitter RT a good ad by @zentaratea for new iPad adopters today. It urges you not to be a geek loser and take your new score home just to tweet about it.

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