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Access Washington: Faces & Places of 2010

Thanks to Janet Donovan for this amazing compilation of candids that sum up a year of celebrity, politicos and media heads making buzz in Washington this past year!


Jane Seymour Surprises My Dad, Opens My Heart

Angie & Jane March 2010

She lost her husband in divorce, her house, her hope and found herself in a terrible place. During my interview this morning I learned art is what helped Jane Seymour climb out of the dark hole she says so many of us fall in at some point in our lives. Yes ‘the JANE SEYMOUR’ the stunning, graceful acclaimed actor who the younger generation watched heal so many as the ultimate “Medicine Woman” is human! They’re are no actors that I can honestly say I would buy a product they’re selling based of who they are (Ok there was the Kim Kardashian diet but that one doesn’t count and ps. doesn’t work IMO) but Jane Seymour’s Keep an Open Heart campaign is so much more. The idea that if your heart is open love will always find a way to get there is something we often forget.  Her signature open heart design is featured on everything from jewelry to her own sculptures. Meet Jane and see her incredible art this weekend in Bethesda and McLean. It will be showing at the Wentworth Galleries.

PS: I knew about Jane Seymour before I could say “Jane”.  My father has loved her since the day I was born. She is his one and only dreamgirl. With a kind heart she had this to say to the old man who often sleeps with his  “Somewhere in Time” VHS under his pillow:

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