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Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party

My daughter recently turned four and are you shocked it wasn’t a Frozen birthday party? She actually is in love with Aurora. She names her baby dolls Aurora.. she wants to dress like Aurora and she is a huge fan of the flying fairy godmothers. Adora also adores pink so it made for a fitting theme to celebrate her big 4.  Holidays have always been huge in my family and birthdays are right at the top. Another year of being here.. another year to look forward to. Birthdays… although some dread them.. think about it.. it’s really a beautiful thing. We should be thankful every time we get one 😉  As for this year’s party.. it was a true team effort. From painting the frames and making the centerpieces to deciding on desserts (glitter popcorn was a must!) Adora had a hand in almost everything. Here’s how we celebrated 4… Once upon a dream.. oh and they lived happily ever after.. I promise.
More photos here:


Toasting Bob IV

We recently toasted our little prince.. Bob IV. Special thanks to my sisters Jenny, Tricia and my girlfriends Shannon and Alex for hosting this royally fun Sip and See. Bob had a blast! Happy to share some great photos by Janette Kim!

Robert Haber Ellis IV at 8 weeks old

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-81

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-84Adora playing with gal pal Serena!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-21

The little prince2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-1Big thanks to Vi Hannett for designing these!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-5The scroll invitation2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-17Amazing cake by Market Salamander!

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-94

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-15

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-4

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-9Tea sandwiches of course!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-8My sis Tricia made the gold lined banner

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-45

NBC4 friends Danella, Charlitta and mom-to-be Anne!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-96Alexa introduces Austin to Danella2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-98The Papa2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-102Aunt Jenny and cousin Knox2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-124My favorites2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-118

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-59 Cookie monster  2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-136Morgan and new little Wyatt2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-141Pamela, Patricia, Elise, Shadan and Morgan2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-142Eve is expecting her 4th!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-143Tania and Megan.. who is expecting a son soon!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-144NBC4 love! Amelia, Charlitta, Danella, Patricia and Alexa (with Austin)2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-146Dr. Alex and Manjanique2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-147Catherine and Juliette with Melissa and little Oliver2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-151Kelly and Jenn2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-153Delicious cupcakes!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-155Laura with precious Ava2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-157Someone is getting tired!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-158Incredible women2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-160Crown me2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-167Cake time!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-170

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-172

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-173

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-182

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-185

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-188Jackie and Colleen2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-194Sisters! Alpha love2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-198Stare off with Oliver2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-200The Deliverer: My doc Lynne Lightfoote with an expecting Lauren!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-203

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-206Manj gets some Bob QT!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-208Work gals.. Anne, Patricia and Catherine2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-210Pretty Juliette2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-211Dad pops in to say hello!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-214The gang2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-226

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-234Kai and Om!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-235Hostess with the mostess: Shannon, Alex, Jenny and my sis Tricia in Texas2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-237Cousin love2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-242Mr and Mrs Burwell!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-245Auntie Colleen2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-178 Miss April!

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-192

His first pictures

What amazes me most about newborns is how quickly just about everything changes in a matter of days. Anyone who is a parent will often say they forgot just how small their child once was. It’s the reason that despite being in pain, recovery, totally stressed and everything above I have forced myself to find 20 minutes in the first few days  to try to capture these details before they’re gone. I did it with Adora and now with Bob. You can see the soft hair that covers the baby’s body.. it’ll eventually disappear. This was after the first few days so Bob’s skin lightened up and started to flake. It still turns the bright pink he was the first day.. only when he cries. His lips, hands and feet actually turn blue if he gets cold. The wrinkles and folds are never ending. It’s amazing. Thanks to my friend Janette Kim for taking these photos.

She walked in halfway through our picture taking

Still coming to grips.. this changes everything

She didn’t say anything.. she just held him  gently and stared.



We’re having a…

It was with amazing discipline that I decided not to find  out if I was having a boy or girl at my 20 week sonogram. Instead I had the technician put the answer in an envelope.

I brought it home and handed it to my sister Jenny who ecstatically ripped it open in front of me. She was the first to know.

We waited days until our close family could all be together. Jenny in the meantime set up a very cute “Reveal!”  A 20 week secret all wrapped up.

On the big day, Jenny enlisted the help of future big sister, Adora Kate.


And just like that.. the name lives on. We’re ready to welcome a IV to the fam! Can you be tickled blue? We’re so happy!

In true Goff fashion.. Jenny topped “the reveal” with some humor.We arrived to a celebratory lunch to find all this!

Thanks sister.. love you.

Photos by Janette Kim Photography. Balloon from Bonbon Balloons.



Adora’s Little Red 2nd Birthday!

I love themes. Even when we had very little growing up we used our imaginations to create themes during holidays and milestones. Now that I’m older and have a little girl of my own.. it’s even more fun. Adora turned two this week and we decided to throw her a Little Red Riding Hood birthday party. I thought it was the perfect theme for a winter birthday… a lot of red and woodsy stuff! So into the woods we went and were so delighted when all our friendly creatures from across the land came out.

A month before the big day I did a lil photo shoot with the talented Janette Kim who specializes in portrait photography. We got these shots in 5 minutes. I knew I’d want to put pictures of Adora up at the party.

In the woodsAfraid of the big bad wolf!

From print to frame it was picture perfect for the party!

WELCOME! Had this sign maid with burlap by Landon Avenue Design

.. to where we harmlessly threaten you!

Handmade woodland creatures masks by Mahalo

The birthday girl radiant in red! Cape by Lorigami

Sweets and Treats. My sister Tricia made this banner with wooden letters. It’s my favorite thing!! I got most of the garland, flowers, moss and glass containers at craft stores. The cake stand is an old cranberry crate.

Storybook cake by Edibles Incredibles in Reston

Black Forest Cake Pops also by Edibles Incredibles. Check out the tree stump cake pop stand and cupcake stump. They were made by The Gypsy Bird.. I love all of her customized work on Etsy.

After I saw some of their treats at another party I asked Juju Sweetz if they could do something with the theme. I adore what they came out with!

Savvy Treats did these cute toadstool tarts.. the went more like hot cakes!

I found was the best for getting color coordinated candy! Brown M&Ms, red gummy bears.. caramel popcorn. Finding snacks was a one stop shop!

I’m obsessed with personalized napkins… ask my family.

I don’t cook. It’s amazing how you can dress Domino’s up on a platter 🙂

Fries with truffle oil and sea salt– to go with the whole theme.

Victoria enjoys her “cheese pie”

Crafts included decorating your own bird house

We had capes and flair for pictures in our fake forest

Avery is the perfect Little Red

The capes by Originals by Lauren draped beautifully!

The face painting by Dee Vinchey artist was out of this world!

Dee Vinchey also twisted balloons into amazing art!

Do you recognize the Big Bad Wolf? I have a very generous co-anchor. Richard Jordan deserves a year worth of I-O-Us for this one! He was awesome… although he did scare some of the children.

Kiss the Cook Kristina! She made the most amazing baked brie and Huntsman Punch!

I had these vintage labels and all the buffet cards made through B. Nute Productions

Something sweet for the parents

Alex Naini provided us with the perfect place to host a party and our buddy Joey Darley was their to catch all the great moments! THANK YOU!!!

Papa snapped this. They weren’t even out of the driveway yet. It was a big day.

When she woke up it was present time!

Thank you to all our friends for making it an amazing day! Zane, Maureen and baby Cayden

Uncle Chris and Knox

Keneger and Avery are all about caramel popcorn

Mary and Kylie!

Auntie Eun

Alex and Uncle Jason

Dad and Papa

OMG 3/12/10: Design Cuisine, Betsey at Tysons

OMG on WUSA9 March 12, 2010

Angie Goff’s embarks on a networking event that mixed funk with fine food with Design Cuisine. Also, Betsey Johnson surprises fans at Tysons Galleria and Robert Pattinson, Matt Damon and romantic comedy are at the box office this weekend.

OMG 2/22/10: Fashion Forecast 2010

Giovanna & Angie Cover MB Fashion Week

OMG on WUSA9 February 22, 2010

Fashion icons Anna Wintour and Andre’ Leon Talley are amongst style royalty to turn out as Fashion Week draws to an end. Carolina Herrera stays true to her classic couture.. revealing ruffles, high waist trousers and florals as trends for 2010.  IMG’s Fern Mallis talk about NYFW’s last time at Bryant Park and what’s ahead.

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