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One good year

I have to think most moms go through this. Looking back at the first year of your baby.. and realizing you can’t stop time. It almost brings me to tears often. Thank you Adora for making the last year, my best one yet.

I’m here

In January I discovered my voice

February.. started to show my feelings

March… wanted to be just like Mom

In April.. I declared this “Adora’s House”

oh I also had my Christening!

May… I did a cover

June.. I was ready for summer

July… daddy dressed me

August…I foreshadowed the DC Earthquake.. mom took this a couple hours before it hit!

September… I started solids.. shopped for high chairs

October.. I was Lil Miss Muffet

November.. Carolina BEAT Clemson!

December… just chilling out… even with these warm temps!

January: Looking forward to a bright 2012!

Adora’s Baptism Pictures

“I am wonderfully made”

-Psalm 139:14

Thanks to cousin Matt for capturing the most important day in our baby’s life- Adora’s christening. We are grateful for the close friends and a family who traveled from as far as Texas to join us in South Carolina for the big day. Adora was baptized in the same gown her father wore.

Godmother Jennifer Wilson

Godfather John Jenkins


Her banner


News bunch brunch!

Newsladies lunchin’ with their munchkins! Loved seeing old friends during my time in SC. Special thanks to Judi Gatson for getting all the girls together!

Front-back: Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, Angie Goff, Hannah Horne, Jennifer Wilson, Kara Gormley, Judi Gatson, Jennifer Timmons, Jemme Hinson

Couples Shower!

I have to admit the hubby (like most men) wasn’t so hot on the idea of joining me for a ‘baby shower’ when he first heard about it.  BUT his opinion soon changed after he realized that it was more like a mini party, a time to show off the wife’s belly and drink a beer with good friends and catch up. Special thanks to all our amazing couples and friends in Columbia, SC who put together the beautiful evening at ‘The Heritage’ on Senate.  It was wonderful! Special thanks to our gracious hosts… for the party and the beautiful pack ‘n’ play below, now standing by in the baby’s nursery .Back to the idea of the ‘Couples Shower’ I’m hearing more and more people are doing this. I personally really like the idea. It’s really fun to share the experience with the other half.

 Big thanks to the hosts: Lisa Hockenberry and Chris Livingston, Jackie Faye Burton, Jennifer and Jim Bowie, Lauren and Kerry Davis, Lori and Wade Douroux, Kim and Hobbs Goodwin, Marne and John Jenkins, Lynsey and John Jordan, Steven Juk, Laura and David Rembert and Jennifer and Alan Wilson

Mocktail Matters

I’m in Columbia, SC this weekend where I met up with some of my favorite people! It’s tough when everyone is ordering up drinks and you can’t. To help me fit in the girls asked the bartender at Gervais & Vine to make me a special ‘mocktail.’ The waitress said the end result was ‘The Christian’. They named it after the owner who created it just for the occasion. It’s so pretty and tasted like a glorified Shirley Temple! Salud!

Lisa, Autumn, Angie & Jennifer

‘The Christian’


Oh Snap! Carolina Cup and my raceday awards

I spent  my weekend in historic Camden South Carolina for the annual running of the Carolina Cup. Of course it was COLD due to the winds but anything is better than rain. We made it by about 3 tailgate spots before both Jennifer and me decided our dresses weren’t cute enough to freeze for and  broke out our cardigans. Best dressed? Goes to our pal NBC associate producer Sarah Gregory who rolled up in a full blown fleece. Most Entertaining? Guys in khaki and button ups mud wrestling in College Park. Biggest Win? the last Lilly koozie from the designers appropriately patterned tent. 

OMG: Jack Rogers Knock Offs 19.99 
Virginia Gold Cup: Becky’s Fund Investing in Hope All Inclusive Ticket

[Right: Rebecca, Virginia and my former colleague WIS TV anchor Hannah Horne]

Favorite Tent: Lilly Pulitzer’s Amelia Baxley, Anne-Marie Cheek and Erin Cabrey

The Men: SC Attorney General candidate Alan Wilson & Robert Ellis in a barbaro inspired tie!

Score: The last Lilly koozie!

Old Partners in Crime: Now Lexington Medical’s Jennifer Wilson & NBC’s Sarah Gregory

Glory Days: Mud bath in ‘College Park’.

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