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Ambassador Atticus for Arthritis

You heard me right. My beloved crooked-tail lab represented canines across the metro at the big 2010 Arthritis Walk on the Mall.

Atticus was this year’s pet ambassador for the Doggy Arthritis Walk. Last year our vet found initial signs of arthritis in his elbow. Since then we’ve taken steps by giving him a joint pill everyday and monitoring his weight with dog diet food. Shout out to little Goff, Jenny Kim for taking Atticus to the walk since I was out of town. I heard he met a DFF .. another precious yellow lab named Oliver! Congrats to all the walkers who helped raise more than $100,000 for arthritis research! Tune in Tuesday to WUSA9 TV’s Morning Show for an event recap!

Birthday with Solid Friends & LiquidA

Thanks to sister-for-life Kristina Dorville who took it back old school to Arlington to celebrate my life. How old you ask? According to the picture on the right..I’d say about 5. (And while we’re on this picture why not add: cheeky Carissa is a supermodel- had to steal that one from Lauren P)

It’s a great example of a carefree night had by all at the Clarendon Grill in Arlington. Apparently,there was another girl named Katie celebrating her birthday too but my good friends made it clear to the band there was truly only ONE party in the house! All you had to do was look for the front row of friends who created the first ever ‘hit line’. Yep excessive ‘fist pumping’ was in the air and our energetic ring leader was none other than good friend Katherine Kennedy. If our performance didn’t win you over chances are we had you at “Want a mini red velvet cupcake from Bakeshop?”  Justin the owner of the new Arlington joint was so sweet to send dozens of the birthday bites our way.  [Pictured above: Carissa, Jesse, Dr. Alex, Angie & Lauren P. BELOW: AOII love from Stephanie, Alicia, Kymberly & Sandra Elizabeth]

Nicole, Kareem, Laura & Jimmy

Little Sis Jenny Kim & Jackie Faye

Carissa, Jesse (thx for the ER camera work), Angie, Katherine, Lauren (thx for my purple scarf!) & Drew

 More Alpha love from Christine, Sarah & the party planner Kristina

Doctor Sandwich! Bryan, Katherine  &  Mark

Robert & Lucky Bday Girl

Don’t forget the liquid that kept us rockin’… LiquidA that is!

PS: Dear friends, I love you. xxAngie

Inbox Exposed: If you thought your family was tacky

Whatever happened to the bday blanket statement… “You don’t have to get me anything” or “You shouldn’t have”. Apparently, my younger sister Jenny Kim has no time for party day etiquette. As evident through this recent email blast I got two weeks before the big day!I can’t blame little sis. She probably learned it from her elders. In 2008 my older sister sent us a Christmas gift registry for her family. I think it’s hilarious! Love you girls!

Jenny's Birthday Want List

Pick of the Day: Auntie Jenny Kim helps kick it

My niece Caelyn was visiting from Texas so you could imagine her obsession with the snow. Most kids wanna touch it, taste it maybe throw it. Not Caelyn— she had a kicking obsession. Everywhere we went she was a kickin’ machine.  Auntie Jenny Kim made sure the pretty pink boots didn’t leave too far off the ground.

Caelyn & Jenny Kim

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