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Some Jersey Boys stole my heart

Michael Lomenda, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Preston Truman Boyd and John Gardiner. Photo: Joan Marcus

If I had 5 thumbs.. they’d all be up for the pe rformance I caught at the National Theatre Friday night. The Jersey Boys are back and did not disappoint. The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had the crowd dancing, singing along and up on their feet by the finale. My favorite part is when the guys were performing a concert but it was as if we were watching them from backstage… seeing what they see looking into the crowd. The theatrics were simple and effective. There was intimacy, outbursts of anger and of course a lot of lighting up! Meet the talented cast here. Jersey Boys is here through January 7th. Tickets are still available.

Enjoying the show…

NBC4’s Doug Kammerer and wife Holly

Sue Palka and Bob Madigan

With Colleen Laughlin

Chilli Amar with husband Don


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