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Adora visits WUSA TV

The future newsie in her onesie made the rounds at WUSA this morning! It’s the first time my colleagues have Adora in person. She is so spoiled. She’s already won the hearts of her TV dads Mike and Howie B. Check out the cool gifts they got her!  Also notice, Adora made Mikes’s daily newsroom webcast… despite her expression she was really happy to be there.

Click on this Facebook Post to see the video of Adora’s visit:

Mike got Adora a personalized piggy bank from My Bambino. And who knew Howard was so in touch with girly style? Thank you for this adorable outfit and burp cloth homemade by Embee Designz!

Flip cam or FAT cam? The morning moments you can't miss

Looks like morning co-anchor Mike Hydeck’s Flip Cam turned into a FAT cam for one!

Check out his new daily video uploads on what you DON’T wanna miss on our morning show. We’re such hams– no really– did someone say ham?!?

New Airline Fees… for SUMMER flying?!?

Today a report our consumer reporter did really disturbed me. I fly almost every other weekend  but I don’t think it’s news that will p-OFF just the frequent travelers out there.

USA Today reports airliners have increased what you’ll pay for a flight nearly EVERY day this summer by tacking on a surcharge for flying on a ‘peak travel day.’ The paper says that they’re trying to do this ‘quietly.’ SAY WHAT?!? This is worse than my recent recap of when I asked a flight attendant about gum all over my seatbelt and she proceeded to wrap my barf bag around it to keep it from getting on my close.  See pic.

We’re talking anywhere from $10 to $30 Each one-way domestic flight, is referenced in this data. So how does it break down, USA Today says for a family of four, the extra charge could add up to $240 plus to the cost of a round trip this summer.

It’s like they’re making Memorial Day Weekend every day this summer season. What nerve.

Which airlines to look out for:  American, Delta, Continental, United and US Airways— have surcharges on most flights on 73 of 74 days June 10 through Aug. 22. The only day without a surcharge is July 4, usually one of the summer’s least-busy travel days.

 On a brighter and lighter note, Southwest and JetBlue have no surcharges on any flights.

Oops.. a Morning Show Blooper & Payback

During one of weatherman’s Howard Bernstein’s weather teases I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to walk up on HIS set and in to his shot. Watch the first clip and then see the second for how the news team got me back!

Howard’s Report

Payback during Angie’s Report

Tax Day Freebies, Capital Club 30th

See the story as aired on WUSA9 This Morning

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports on Metromix’s list of Tax Day freebies. Also, best-selling authors like Amy Tan and Mitch Albom form a band to rock out to charity.

From Angie’s Army a report on DC’s Capital Club’s 30th Anniversary.

[Photo Right: WJLA’s Courtney Robinson with Capital Club President John Goodwin at the Capital Club’s party]

Watch the news segment:

Inbox Exposed:The Ugliest Website I've ever seen

Jess really likes her gloves

I heard my desk mate laughing out loud this morning. I said Jess what are you laughing at? She then sent me an email with

Subject line:  It stings the eyes….

Here she is: Yvette’s Bridal Website 

Eww. Nissan Pavilion now Jiffy Lube Live?

Jiffy Lube LiveJess Doyle first reported this on the morning show today..and then @tomcblock sent it to me on twitter saying “I just see too many dirty jokes with this” and I think he’s right. What capis Live Nation thinking with the name change? Anything with LUBE in the title is destined to be a comical target.  I mean… it just sounds wrong… Coming Soon.. Taylor Swift to “The Lube”. Venues always get their name cut… The Pavilion, Wolf Trap, Merriweather clear examples.

On the flip side, this South Carolina die hard fan still wears her “Cocks” cap around Washington.  It’s annoying when people make wise cracks because it’s perfectly normally down south. So perhaps music and art patrons in the metro will take a similar liking to J-Lube Live.

I guess we’ll find out if the new name sticks.

Rant: Suri, Renee, Ugly Musicians that get Chics

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper Dec. 21

At first Katie said the high-heels were for fun for some shoe-related charity but now it’s like an everyday thing. Suri is not an ornament. She is your daughter and ps she is THREE.

Another story that baffles me is Renee Zellweger. What is she doing to land all of these hot men. Good actress.. yes.. but since when did that matter. She scored Clooney.. now the amazing Bradley Cooper. I cannot deal. I love Bradley Cooper. I love Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, He’s Just Not That Into You, I love Bradley Cooper. 

Right now the only thing I like about Renee is that it’s my middle name.

On the flip side, my morning colleague Jessica Doyle weighs in from the other side of my cubicle. “I don’t get why women think John Mayer is so great. I don’t find him attactive in any way shape or form.. he’s kinda goofy looking.”

Perhaps, not as goofy as BILLY CORGAN! JESUS… Jess Simpson what are you thinking?!?!?!?!?

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