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JFK 50 App remembers & celebrates

As the nation prepares to remember President John F. Kennedy’s assassination that took place in Dallas 50 years ago this November 22, our sister station KXAS in Dallas has made available rare archival footage of JFK’s 1963 visit in a new iPhone app. Through the station’s extensive archives, the app offers unique historical insight into events leading up to and surrounding that tragic day.

The JFK 50: NBC 5 Remembers app, available for download now in the App Store here , features extensive video content, including archival station footage of President Kennedy’s trip to Fort Worth and Dallas and the chaotic days after the shots were fired at Dealey Plaza. When the President was shot, the station broke into programming and stayed on the air for three days. Among the app’s content is video from the Dallas Police Headquarters on the day Jack Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald, which was broadcast live from a camera operated by a station engineer.

In addition to the video, users can explore interactive maps retracing the route of the Presidential motorcade on the day of the assassination and Oswald’s escape path, noting important points along the way. The app also includes a special timeline detailing the events of each day in Dallas from November 21 to November 27, 1963, paired with corresponding articles and videos to transport the user to the seven days surrounding the President’s trip to Texas. Within the app, various other sections explore JFK’s legacy, the Kennedy family and the major figures and landmarks of the 1960s as well as video of key speeches delivered by President Kennedy.

The app also offers users the opportunity to live stream the ceremony taking place in Dallas on November 22, 2013 to mark the anniversary.

Presidents, Proposals, Past at Martin’s

Need a lift me? Here’s a charming piece on one of Washington’s most famous restaurants.. Martin’s Tavern.

Presidents loved to dine there and JFK even reportedly popped the big question in one booth. Arlene Borenstein goes back in time with the fourth-generation owner of Martin’s Tavern.You’ll be glued!

Watch the story below

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