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Tweets to determine your personality?

One of my morning stories.. that may have you double thinking what you tweet. What if I told you there’s new software that lets your boss determine whether your dedicated or lazy by looking at your feed.
IBM claims to have new profiling technology that paints a picture of your personality based on your tweets.The software scans recent tweets.. analyzing words to to develop your profile.
For example caring people may use words like WE, FAMILY and HOME while the dedicated talk more about their achievements.
Researchers say employers can use the data to see if someone is right for the job.
IBM tested the software, analyzing 300 twitter profiles while getting users to take psychometric tests.They report the two favored each other more than 80% of the time.

Men are MOOCHERS, Free Bridal Tasting

Getty ImagesNew census data suggests the growth in the number of working wives over the past 40 years has resulted in guys making out financially in the marriage. A Pew Research Center report says it’s now men that benefit most. A larger share of today’s men are married to women whose education & income exceed their own! So speak up ladies.. is YOUR man a mooch! Rant, rave and even remain anonymous! Oh and moochin’ men– feel free to chime in too!   Read the entire story here at

In other wedding-marriage related news.. my friend Bunny informs me there’s a FREE Bridal tasting going on hosted by one of our frequent 9NEWS NOW at 9AM cooking guests: RSVP Catering!
Who: Future brides & one guest
When: Tue Feb 2 from 5:30-7PM
Where: RSVP Catering at 2930 Prosperity Ave, Fairfax VA 22031
RSVP: (703) 573-8700 or register by email:

The tasting offers prospective brides an opportunity to sample RSVP Catering’s creative cuisine, including selections from Organix by RSVP, a seasonal selection of local, organic and sustainable foods.

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