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Morning show shower

It was more like a lunch.. but that’s how us at News4 Today like to celebrate special moments.  It was very sweet to have my dear friend Eun organize a little get together to toast baby Bob. The crew met up at Cactus Cantina for some guac, chips, fajitas and fun. We even had a couple of Bob’s future “boys” drop in.  Thank you to everyone for all the support.. I’m gonna miss you guys while on maternity leave. I’d like to say I’m not gonna miss the hours  I’ll likely  still be up during those ungodly hours on feeding duty!


News4 Today at Nats Park

Talk about team spirit. You know it’s high when everyone has to be at work before midnight or shortly after and they still show up for an all-day affair at Nats Park!

BR: Danella Sealock, Brian Callahan, Social Chair Scott Eisenhuth, SR: John Wist, Ryan Sprouse, Charlitta Rodrigues, Jackie Bradford FR: Brandon Benavides, Angie Goff, Matt Stawarz

Three’s a crowd!

Rockin’ the red with Danella

John Wist and wife!

Proof that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch (even when they beat us)

Spirit fingers with Charlitta and Aaron Gilchrist

A retirement loving Joe Krebs shows the love. Here with NBC4 GM Jackie Bradford



Sundays can be fun days. Check out our breakfast potluck at NBC4 this morning. There’s nothing better to get you going early on a weekend morning then some egg sausage casserole and cinnamon rolls. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!

Elaine Reyes and John Schriffen show how they roll

Charlitta’s winning casserole

Getting gub with John and producer Andy

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