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Facing the Future of Journalism

As the keynote speaker this year at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference one of the first things I did was ask the students to get out their phones an take a pic.

and then I took a pic of them

I posted it on my twitter feed as I kicked off my speech on the future of journalism and media. More than 250 of the brightest students in America are attending the week long conference. Many journalism professors are here too. I

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was so impressed with the great questions I got from students. They also were on fire with twitter throughout the entire night- I loved it!

George Mason hosts the conference which doubled in size this year

Ready to see Washington

Great stuff on opening night

Enjoyed meeting new friends

See More Photos Here

Super cool

Thanks to student Valerie who kindly introduced me

Photos by Robbie Hammer for

Visiting AU

From David Gregory, Mike O’Meara, Willard Scott to America Ferrera and Giuliana Rancic..many great talents have come out of American University. It was a pleasure to speak with Professor Steve Piacente’s Writing for Communication class. It was a bright bunch with some pretty diverse goals and backgrounds. They asked interesting questions about things I really had to take the time to think about. My best interview? It’s still hard to answer that one. Maybe it’s yet to come.

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Interesting note about Professor Piacente. He was a DC correspondent for the Charleston paper for almost a decade. Related to that, he published a novel titled Bella much of which takes place in South Carolina. Check out the trailer

What Happened to Journalism?

Join me along with Fox News Channel’s Juan Williams and Steven Pearlstein from the Washington Post for a panel discussion on the Past, Present and Future of Journalism.
The event is free and open to the public.

Whatever Happened to Journalism?
George Mason University
Johnson Center, George’s Restaurant, 4th Floor
October 25, 2011, 12:00 PM

Sponsored by The College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Washington Journalism & Media Conference 2011

Some of the best stuff I get to do is return to my alma mater the great George Mason University to work with students interested in media. I recently sat on a panel with fellow Patriots who have gone on to have successful careers in journalism- all kinds. As part of the Washington Journalism & Media Conference that draws hundreds of high schoolers from across the Country, we got the chance to share stories about breaking into the business.

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Dishing out the dirt on what it took to get where they’re at were film critic Kevin ‘BDK’ McCarthy from 106.7 The Fan, BJ Koubaroulis the CEO of Synthesis Multimedia Production and Lynn Norusis, managing editor of Northern Virginia Magazine. Best of luck to all the great students we met… there’s many with a bright future ahead of them!

No Joke: DC Journos to try comedy

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

DC’s Funniest Journalist!

April 1st the National Press Club, find media moguls like Washington Post’s John Kelly and Politico’s Meredith Shiner go head-to-head to be honored ‘DC’s Funniest Journalist’. Doors open at 7pm for a VIP only preshow or cocktail hour with speciality beer from sponor Flying Dog Brewery. The real laughs start at 8 with hosts Washington Post cartoonist Nick Galifianakis and PBS’s Miles O’Brien.

All proceeds from the stand-up competition go to Reporters Without Borders, The Committee to Protect Journalists fund and The Eric Friedheim National Journalism Library.

Tickets are $15 presale and $20 at the door.
VIP package $35.

Buy tickets HERE.
Read MORE for full list of competitors.

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