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Nerds Got Style!

Click to Watch The Men In Action on WUSA9 TV

Washington’s top techies traded in their computers for a night on the catwalk for the Geek to Chic 2010. Read the full story

My favorite techie… Microsoft’s Mark Drapeau helped lead the way. I’m totally digging the turtleneck!

Mark with Kelly Collis Frederick

iStrategy Lab’s Peter Corbett

Photos by Vithaya Photography

Society 2.0: Young Washington Checks In (digitally)

So I have a new column with Washington Life called Society 2.0. Expect to see the latest on social media, pop culture, tech trends¬†impacting Washington.¬† My first article is up and you’ll see some very familiar faces in it from the young DC scene.

Read: Society 2.0: Young Washington Checks In (Digitally)

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