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First visit to “Four Sisters”

What I love about my girlfriends.. they love not only to eat.. but they like to try new places and foods! This time we chose the highly talked about Four Sisters at the new shopping center in Merrifield Virginia known as the Mosaic District.
We started off with a few orders of Goi Cuon (Fresg garden shrimp & pork rolls) and Cha Gio (Crispy Pork Spring Rolls). Being pregnant.. I was really loving the fried rolls this time around. Might I add.. there was not one roll left– they went like hot cakes.
Thank goodness we had our friend Vi with us. She’s Vietnamese and knows all the dishes and helped us order. I stuck with my traditional favorite.. the Beef Pho. Some of my girlfriends ventured out and tried the Caramelized Fish Claypot. Lettuce Wraps were popular too. Some of my girlfriends brought their kids.. and chicken fried rice was a good choice for them.
Check out my 6 second Pho… courtesy Vine!

The space was perfect, parking was easy and free! Really enjoyed the staff who were friendly and attentive.. especially for a big party like ours. As for pricing.. not bad: Dishes ranged from $8- $15. Apps started at $4.25.

Jackie, Catherine with Juliette, Angie, Sumita, Alex, Vi, Kelly, April and Kere with Leighton


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