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Adora is a sweet ONE!

I cannot believe 1 year has passed since the first day I became a mom. There are already so many memories (and exploding memory card) that I can’t imagine how we’re gonna find roomformore. I know we will though.

Happy birthday Adora Kate. Thank you for bringing pure joy into our lives. Adora wants to say thank you to her playmates who all came out to celebrate. We gathered for the famous frozen hot chocolate and cake at Serendipity 3 in Georgetown. The theme was Adora’s Winter Candy Land Party and boy was it sweet. We had Adora candy, santa hats, marshmellow snowmen and a Willy Wonka inspired cake complete with edible Oompa Loompa and a real monster gummy bear.  Serendipity’s pastry chef surprised us all!

Speaking of cake… of course there was a “smash cake” and boy did baby girl destroy it!  In the end she ended up dress-less because of it and was running around the restaurant in just her diaper and stockings.Classy.

This year we asked for no gifts but suggested bringing an unwrapped toy to donate to charity this Christmas. Thank you to all who helped fill the box. Adora is excited to deliver the toys to Children’s Hospital.  Enjoy the pictures.. they’re delicious and be warned there are a ton.


With all the mini AOII legacies: June, Brooke, Adora, Kenenger and Avery

Tisha Thompson and family

Elaine Reyes and Mercer

My neighbor Nikki Johnson and Molly

Carys and mommy Eun

With Krystal Person and Bella

Kere Knapp and Hadley

Little Leighton.. look at those eyes!

Dr. Alex and her kiddos

Mama Goff and sister Jenny

Proud dad Robert with brother in law to be Chris

Charlitta shares with Hadley

Kelly with little Avery

Serendipity’s GM Ron Newman and party coordinator Alexandra Kassidis

Food was fantastic!

Eve and dear Noelle

Matthew and Noah and Brooke

My gift.. my first baby doll

Hanging with my girls

Happy Birthday Baby!

We also celebrated her Dol- which is 1st birthday in Korean. She wore the traditional Hanbok and we went out to Woo Lae Oak to eat.

I got a nice gift and card from Aunt Jenny



First Halloween

Being a mom makes holidays a little more special. We shared our first Halloween together. Adora is too young for trick-or-treating so we headed to our friend Kerry’s house for good company and candy.

MORE: Creative Halloween with Cupcake Sisters

After mingling it was time for a fun performance on Hobart Street. Every year Kerry’s neighbors put together a blow-out production on their rooftop complete with a theme, costumes, comedy and singing! This year there was a Royal Invasion theme… and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a visits from the Queen and Princess Kate.

Adora is Little Miss Muffett

Group shot attempt

Declan is Richie Rich

Resolutions by Popular Washingtonians

From an infectiously funny editor-in-chief to a City Shop Girl and some newsmakers and tastemakers thrown in for good measure Laura Carlson at the Washington Examiner has a handful of individuals with some serious resolve for 2011. Check them out here or click the slide show below.

Morning Glory Private Screening

Thanks to all who came out for the private screening of news comedy  Morning Glory starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams.  Big shout outs to members of the 9NEWS morning team who stayed out on a school night: Andrea, Mike, Kristine and Producer Dan and Heather!

We had a great night and enjoyed seeing our colleague Mike Hydeck in the opening scenes playing a local anchorman. His performance (along side Colin Powell’s daughter) was bravo bravo! Special thanks to Paramount Pictures and Allied Marketing for helping organize the feature presentation affair. Morning Glory is now in theaters.





Princess for a Day

It’s hard to explain how lucky you feel.. when good friends make you feel like this.

To Kerry: I love my tiara

To Laura: The flowers smell terrific

To Katherine: Thank you for throwing me a baby shower at your beautiful home

To all my friends: My baby is so lucky to already be surrounded by such great love

OMG 4/2/10: Kerry Reichs book & baby, Palamir Night Live

Watch: This story on WUSA-TV Morning Show

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports on Kerry Reichs’ new book ‘Leaving Unknown’, ‘Palantir Night Live’ brings government 2.0 leaders together and Metromix’s Best of DC award Winners Party. New movies out this weekend include ‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘The Greatest’ and Tyler Perry’s sequel to ‘Why Did I Get Married’.

Kerry Reichs Writes Again + BIG Kicker

Her mother Kathy’s novels inspired the hit TV showBones so it’s no suprise that Kerry Reichs has some great writing  genes. We caught up with the novelist as she signed copies of her latest book called ‘Leaving Unknown‘ at Gazuza Lounge in NW.

Watch WUSA: Reich’s Book Launch at Gazuza Lounge

The author who spent the summer in China says parts of  her own life can be seen in the book about a girl finding her true self after gettin’ stuck in the middle of nowhere. (insert self here: Kerry you must’ve known I spent two years as a roving reporter lost in I-OH-WA)

[Upper Right: Kerry signs a copy for Steve Baker]

In line:  Charlie I Drink On the Job” Adler and Victoria Michael of VM Public Relations.

‘Leaving Unknown’ is novel #2. The Best Day Of Someone Else’s Life was Reich’s first.

By the bar: Matthew Christian Davis & Tina Cruikshank

The night’s kicker: 2 books down make room for baby. Reichs reveals she’s expecting a boy this summer.

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