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Clip from “House of Cards”

Many of you have asked about seeing the clip from House of Cards. If you don’t have Netflix CNET is reporting that you can actually watch the premiere of the show for FREE right now. Pretty cool. So this is from the second episode.. after Kevin Spacey’s character tips off a reporter on who the President is gonna nominate for office.. she breaks the story and the media reacts. That’s where we come in. Very fun.

(disclaimer: shot from the iphone so a little hazy)

Cameo in “House of Cards”

Here’s something I don’t get to say everyday .. make sure you tune in for Kevin Spacey’s new political thriller… I have a small part. Ok.. it’s a tiny party but it’s kinda cool. You’ll find it in the second episode. Last Spring there was a call for local reporters to audition to be part of the HBOesque Netflix Series “House of Cards”. It’s the first of it’s kind. In fact Netflix cut a $100 million check to have rights to the show.. beating out other TV networks.

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The director is one of my favorites David Fincher (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Seven, Fight Club, The Social Network ). After my first cold read I got called back to read for Fincher. Talk about nerves. I guess it worked out .. because I got to return. I was so impressed with how detailed he is… giving tremendous attention to lighting, sound and even wardrobe. I changed blazers 4 times before we had a winner. At the end of the shoot he actually came to find me.. shook my hand and said nice job.  Pretty awesome.

The show could end up being the biggest filming project Maryland has ever seen. The first 13 episodes will be available starting February 1st.. shooting for the next season is set to start this April. See the trailer below:

Inside my little trailer before the shoot

House of Cards trailer

'Casino Jack' Puts the Spacey in Political Scandal

Kevin Spacey may not be involved in the latest political scandal, but he sure can fake it as Jack Abramoff in ‘Casino Jack.’

One of the biggest political scandals hit the big screen where it all went down–here in D.C. at the World Premiere of the movie and we caught up with the star. Watch my WUSA9 TV report below:


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