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Egg hunt and marshamallow harvest

Great Country Farms did it again! Another beautiful weekend for an old fashion egg hunt and peeps marshmallow harvest! Adora had a great time looking for eggs. Bob got to meet the Easter Bunny for the first time. We roasted marshmallows and hitched a ride on the cow train. This is such a fun family tradition! The farm is now open daily 10am-5pm in April. If you missed the egg hunt.. the Strawberry Jubilee in May is always really fun and worth the drive.
















All in the picture

It’s rare that my entire family gets together. My sister lives in Texas which makes visits tough. This holiday we had one of those rare chances.. a few very cherished days. My younger sister mandated we get a “Family Photo”. With freezing temps and 5 hyper active grandchildren I was bracing for a high-stress gathering. It was cold and there was some chaos as you can tell– but in the end we were all laughing and so happy that we found the time to capture this time together. Photos by Kai.

Grandkids 2

Family 2

Family 3

Ren and Chin

Mom and the Girls

SistersSuch a joker!

Daddy the thinker

Ellis Family 1

Ellis Family


Caelyn Adora







DSC_0136Photo bomb!


2014 has already been magical!

We’re only a couple days into the new year and it’s been wonderful. Spent with family and snow!







Great St. Pat’s

I think St. Patty’s is the best day to have a birthday. Everyone is always in such a fun and festive mood. It started with big chocolate cake and cookies for breakfast thanks to the my awesome morning friends at News4.  You can see the boys got into the St Pat’s spirit too.

Then after work it was all about a long nap and then spending the day with my family.We did a little shopping and then got together for dinner and laughs. Hope everyone had a great holiday… I can’t wait until next year when I can really celebrate with some brew like the rest of you!

Some shoe shopping

Nephew Knox came out to celebrate

Everyone had a jolly old time!





We Soy Funny on Halloween

So this is how we roll. Sushi, California Roll, Sushi Chef and the all important Soy Sauce. We had such a great time at a neighborhood block party before Adora ventured out for her first trick or treat experience. She did very well… but ended up with no candy. She’s in a big sharing phase and literally gave all her candy away to other kids. Piece by piece I watched (my future reese’s) drop into other pails. In the end it was indeed a very sweet holiday in many ways.

Giving my candy away

Knox is Spoiled Rotten sushi!


Day at Clay Cafe (then Korean)

Picking out our colors

As my daughter gets older (can you believe 21 months already!) I’m constantly looking fornew ways to engage her and to play with her. I heard about Clay Cafe inChantilly. We made the trip with my sisters and their kiddos.

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Of course our timing wasterrible.. we showed up with less than hour before closing. Still the staff was great… they said we could paint something very quick and we got crackin’. For Adora I chose a cupcake plate while my niece opted for a more challenging tea pot. Loved that my sister Jenny aka “new mom” dabbed her baby’s tiny foot in the (kid friendly) paint to do an imprint.

We got our projects done with a few minutes to spare. We have to wait 8-10 days before we can pick them up. Can’t wait to see how the pottery turns out.
After our crafty session we couldn’t help but hop across the street to Lotte. The Korean grocery mart also has good restaurants. Our parents drove out to join us and it became an impromptu family affair. Those are always the best kind.


There was a bit of self painting going on too

Sister Tricia and daughter Caelyn


New nephew Knox.. still so new


The gaggle go for Korean

My new nephew!

Welcome baby Knox Renwick! So perfect in every way.

Proud dad Chris.. what do I do with this?!?

Grandparents again!

Little Miracle.

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