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New Korean joint!

So I swear my friend Sumita who is from India is more Korean then me. She is always begging to go eat Korean and knows all the great places! A gaggle of us ladies decided to make it a girls night out and head to Han Sung Oak in Falls Church. This place rocks for a big group because it has big space. We got our own private room in the back. Everything you love about Korean food.. expect it to be on the menu! Sumita took charge with ordering and the result was overwhelmingly good! Bulgogi, chicken, bi bim bop and kimchi jigae! My friend Shannon who brought her 2 year old ordered the baked salmon.. her daughter nearly finished the whole fish!

Sumita, Vi and expecting mom Melissa

Bulgogi a cookin’!

With mom to be Catherine and Kere

Kimchi soup!

Jackie and Shannon

Serena and Adora

Tofu love

If I was stuck on an island and could only bring a few food items- tofu would be one of them. I’ve been a fan since I was small. My mom always made it in different ways.. fried;steamed, in soup or with rice. She flavored it with hot sauce, sesame sauce or soy sauce. I admit I can eat it plain.  So as you can imagine when my friends suggested meeting at Lighthouse Tofu for lunch I couldn’t say no.

MORE: Angie makes Spicy Tofu

The Korean restaurant specializes in traditional tofu based soups known as chigaes. Kimchi chigae is one of my favorites.. but I fell in love with Lighthouse’s mushroom jigae.By the way the Kimchi pancakes rock- and the small order is actually a good portion! Lighthouse Tofu has locations in Annandale and Rockville.

Doris Truong and Eun Yang

With my little taste tester!

She prefers her own recipe: chocolate chip granola bar mixed with white sticky rice

For dessert.. Sikhye! Traditional Korean beverage made with rice and barley malt powder.It taste sweet and cold and is believed to help with digestion! 

Korean Fast Food arrives

I love Korean food…. and the faster I can get my hands on it the better. That’s why when I got a tweet that Mixing Bowl was opening at Tysons Corner.. I immediately replied… I’m going tomorrow! I did and my family decided to tag along. Think Subway but Korean style. They have choices of different bi bim bap (rice bowls) and Korean tacos! You have to get the sour cream mayo sauce on top. For rice they even give you the option of brown or white. Loved seeing a Korean must have-Kimchee on the menu.  Follow @mixingbowlTC on twitter for upcoming news and locations. My husband and I agreed.. every time we’re at the mall..we’re eating there!

Rice bowl.. the spicy pork has kick and ALWAYS get the egg and red pepper sauce!

Mama Phan on right is the owner!

The fam!

Mixing Bowl is located by the rotating sushi restaurant on the first floor


Samoa Cookie as a cake?

We celebrated my father’s 60th birthday with the things he’s grown to love the most: family and Korean food! He also is a big fan of cookies… and like most Americans will never turn down a good Girl Scout treat. My sister Tricia is an excellent cook and baker and is always up for trying new recipes. After she saw this Samoa cookie inspired cake.. she thought the big birthday was a perfect day to give it a try. In the end my dad approved and even had a nice hibiscus shirt to match the theme! Happy Birthday DAD!

with birthday papa and cousin Caelyn

I'm the best grandbaby

The big Samoa

The big samoa by Tricia

The best gift— um homemade deodorant by Tricia. ew




Mandu is a favorite thing of mine.. the Korean dumpling often stuffed with veges, pork or beef are awesome steamed or fried and dipped in soy sauce. Now I have another Mandu I’ll keep in mind whenever I get the craving for Korean in DC. The family-run restaurant on K Street is just awesome. This is the Lee family’s newest location and actually boasts extra items you won’t find on the menu elsewhere. It’s a fab spot for lunch throughout the week and has a dinner menu too.  Joining me for lunch was my little sis Jenny Kim and Korean food lover Flounder aka DJ Flounder from DC101. We had an absolute blast and started off with Hobak Jeon (zucchini fried in egg and flour) and of course mandu.

As for our meals we decided to teach Flounder (who has some mad chopsticks skills) how to eat one of our favorites: Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap. Think rice bowl, tons of vegetables, beef and hot paste served in a scolding hot stone bowl. There’s a raw egg on top and the idea is you mix it all together, adding in the hot paste allowing the stone bowl to fry the rice and cook the egg before your eyes. Jenny Kim got the same thing while I opted for spicy soup called Kimchi Jigae.

I spoke with Mrs. Lee who is called “Mama Lee” in the kitchen and she told me how she moved to DC in 1974. She started the restaurant on her own and has since been able to open up this second location on K Street with the help of her son Danny and daughter. She says whenever she’s at one of the restaurants you will always find her in the kitchen.. either cooking or supervising.

I could tell our meal had an oma touch (oma is mom in Korean). The food tasted very authentic.. just like my mom Chin would make.  In addition to great bites.. there’s an awesome bar and whole upstairs level for more dining.

The deets:

Location: 453 K Street, NW DC, Parking: Metered parking, paid lot on K Street or Parking Garage on I Street

Average app: $7 Average meal: $12

We show Flounder how to eat Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap



Anything for breakfast

Ask anyone you know who works the early morning shift and most likely they will tell you they can eat anything for breakfast– sushi.. pizza.. seaweed?!? Yep that’s what I got with my coffee today.

Previous morning favorites include …

Korean's worst nightmare

Koreans are scrambling after KIMCHI prices soar.  The kimchi crunch comes after a long, wet summer of monsoon and typhoons. The bad weather has caused a spike in cabbage prices. A Chinese cabbage – the type needed for kimchi – can now cost you an astonishing $10, up from about $2 last month.  See below where I take the KIMCHI Challenge at my favorite local Korean restaurant IL MEE BUFFET in Annandale. I could live off this stuff!

CHIN makes her 9NEWS TV Debut

I have had several requests to bring back the famous ‘ASK CHIN’ videos on the blog. I admit I’ve been slacking between this baby thing, moving and trying to still write everyday and report.

Well, it looks like momma is going big time. Chin had her first news story air on WUSA in the 5pm news– I don’t even get face time in that show LOL!  Read the full story

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Pregnancy Cravings: Give me spice, give me this



Honey Pig: Friends indulge at Korean feast

We dig the pig.

After hearing rave reviews of Honey Pig (Gooldaegee) in Annadale, Virginia I said enough is enough, time to get stuffed. No Korean feast should go unshared… so I gathered with fellow kimchee and bulgogi fans. The rest is history… not grain of sticky rice left.

Below meet my Chingoos that’s ‘friends’ in Korean: Bottom: Nina Un, Nicole Siobal, Angie Goff, Sumita Pradhan Top: Laura Carlson, Dannia Hakki, Kamari Wheeler, Anchyi Wei and Jackie Turner 

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