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Halloween Light Show is Back!

Look what’s back! That cool house in Leesburg Virginia that puts on a spectacular Halloween light show every year. Last year the video went viral with it’s spooky take on “What Does the Fox Say.” What made this year’s play list? Well click below or venture out to 1826 Woods Edge Drive Leesburg VA 20176 to see it for yourself. Remember you must tune your radio into 98.1FM to hear it from your car. It runs on a loop from 7pm-9pm until Halloween Eve!


Join us this Thursday from 4:30-7AM on News4 Today! We plan on having the best time #CelebratingLoudoun. I’ll be LIVE from the Birkby House at 109 Loudoun Street, SW (Park in town lot off Royal Street) from 4:30-6AM. Then from 6-7AM join me on the Town Hall Green at 25 West Market Street (park in town hall garage). We invite all our viewers to come out as we look at everything from why this is such a kid friendly county to some of the best hidden gems- Melt anyone? Oh we’ll have fun NBC4 stuff to give away too!

Foxy Leesburg Lights Show

This morning in my morning report I showed a local house that’s really getting into the holiday spirit. Ylvis’ song “What does the Fox Say” has more than 150 million views and it’s now drawing scores of eyeballs to Leesburg Virginia.
The incredible Halloween light display is powered with more than 8,500 lights. Although cool– does this annoy the neighbors? Don’t worry this isn’t blasting 24-7, in fact to hear the lights you drive by and tune into the radio. If you wanna see it.. head to the Edwards Landing Community in Leesburg. The show runs on a continuous loop from 7PM to 9PM through Halloween. You’ll wanna tune in to 98.1 FM to hear it. More info here on their facebook page. Oh and as for that electric bill– the family says it’s about 25-35 dollars to run the display for the Halloween season. Not bad.

Cute Local Tea House

My daughter is 2 and half and obsessed with Tea Parties. We have fake ones all the time at our house and even on the mini iPad (Toca Boca Tea Party is the best!).  When I discovered the Aylesbury Tea House in Leesburg Virginia I knew I had to make a date with Adora. This place is adorable from the moment you walk in, sit down and make your way through their mini little all-things-British store. They do traditional afternoon tea Thursday through Saturday. The space is so shabby chic. As for pricing.. you are paying more for the experience than the food in my opinion. The menu is very simple.. and the portions are dainty. Yes in writing a post on this place.. I have to use words like dainty. It’s a beautiful place and I really loved the feeling. Above all, Adora was so excited to have a “tea party” with her friend Sophia. The girls ate English biscuits (cookies) and drank tea (orange juice) in their tea cups. It was so cute to watch — oh and the petite cucumber sandwiches are delicious!


IMG_4759Finding out she has to eat a sandwich before the cookie








IMG_4734Sophia with her stylist mom April

IMG_4726Oh..look who decided to join us!

IMG_4719Really cute tea party dress.. kettle, pastries and all

IMG_4708So adorable!


Crucified Santa Skeleton in Leesburg

Little sis to get married... more on that in a future post!

I love the County Courthouse in Leesburg… such a historic, pretty place. In fact.. it’s where my little sis just shot her engagement pictures.
But this time of year.. it gets ugly around there.

Ugly because it seems Loudoun County can’t make up it’s mind about what to do about Christmas displays on the front lawn. It seems like whatever they do decide to do.. no one is ever happy. Devoted Christians, Atheists , Freed of Speech advocates.. .kids… it seems whatever officials decide no one is ever happy.

Well the big problem this year: bones.

A skeleton Santa nailed to the cross– we’re hearing it’s symbolic of the death of Christmas… the spirit gone.. taken over by materialism. Well a woman had approval to put it up… but an enraged resident was offended and tore it down.

MORE: Raunchy Christmas causes controversy

A heated public hearing followed… and now county leaders are back at the table this morning trying to figure out what to do next.

Watch my story below


View more videos at:

Key West comes to VA!

This past weekend, wine and fun lovers gathered to celebrate parrothead style at Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville. It might have only been a one day event, but a taste of paradise last forever!  This is the 6th year the vineyard has hosted the Key West Festival for families across the area. Watch WUSA9’s Morning Show monday for a recap of the event!

WUSA9 Contributor, Leigh Macdonald, with Aldona Petraitis (Leesburg), Lisa Dyer (Ashburn), and Brian Macdonald in front.

Nick Clements, having his face painted by Sparkle from “Everybody Loves a Clown”


More Photos:

Dandelion Patch Grand Opening in Leesburg

I’m loving Leesburg these days.. mostly because I’m out there a lot more with my sister living there now. Well for all of you who love great stationary, Lilly, Vera and all those cute lady boutiquy things you’ll love The Dandelion Patch. Owner, Heidi Kallett just opened her 4th store. The new shop is in The Village At Leesburg. Spotted at the ribbon cutting: Loudoun County Woman co-publisher Dan Doll, Mayor Kristen Umstattd and a too cute for words Little Miss Old Dominion Hannah Reece.

World’s Biggest Swim Lesson.. in Leesburg?

It’s that time of year again. Cookouts, vacations, and good ole fashion fun in the sun.  Yes, summer time is finally here. Who wouldn’t want to visit a pool when temperatures climb above 90 degrees? In fact, if you have plans to do so this weekend you’d be surprised about the splash locals are making.

MORE: Photos from World’s Biggest Swim Lesson

Swimmers gathered at Leesburg’s A-V Symington Aquatic Center at Ida Lee Park to try to set a new global record for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson. Last year, nearly 4-thousand people  set a Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous swim lesson. No word if these waders in the water helped break that this year. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintended, injury-related death of children ages 1 to 14 in the U-S. Leigh Macdonald contributed to this report.

Sheila Johnson headlines Leesburg Awards

Sheila Johnson joins Town of Leesburg Mayor Kristen Umstattd for the annual Business Awards.

Read more on this story…

Showin’ the Leesburg Love

A typically remote Leesburg was bustling with excitement for their 10th Annual Business Awards, recognizing the town’s top businesses. Guests included Dr. Sheila Johnson co-founder of BET and partner in the Wizards, the Capitals and the Mystics.

MORE: Full list of award recipients

The George C. Marshall Award, the town’s most coveted award went to the owner of Tuscarora Mill, South Street Under and Fireworks, Kevin Malone. On a personal note, I’m starting to get to know this historic town. My sister recently moved there so I’m spending a lot of time out on N. King Street. They have the cutest antique shops and now I’ve found a new great coffee spot called Shoes. It use to be an old shoe shop… you can feel the nostalgia the second you step in. Leigh Macdonald contributed to this report.


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