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Please don't leggo my eggo


My hubby and me were gonna wait a little while and just when we figured it out this comes along and freaks me out. An unsettling report this morning on women and making babies. WUSA9 ran a story on a new study that says potential baby mama’s have less time than originally thought when it comes to our egg reserve. Here’s what British researchers found:

  • COOL: Avg woman starts out with 300,000 potentially viable eggs. 
  • WE KNEW THIS: She steadily loses that reserve. 
  • EEK!: By age 30, nearly 90 percent have been lost. 
  • 🙁 By age 40, only 3 percent are left, with a higher proportion of abnormal eggs.My Birthday with Mom & Dad

My colleague Andrea Roane and I immediately thought: “I hope Chin is not watching!”  My mother has been banned from using the words ‘make baby’ in my presence. But then I realized this report really did bother me.  I see so many women in their 30’s and 40’s waiting to have children especially in my line of work.  Ugh, what gives… obviously not my ovaries as much as I thought they would.

Read the entire story at or watch it here:

Angie + Squat = Bad TV

Jari Love & Angie WorkoutLet me start off by saying those jumping squats are EVIL! But I loved teaming up with fitness expert Jari Love  who showed me how to burn 1000 calories in 1 hour. You can do these fat blasting exercises at home, at any level. Jari’s program Get Completely Ripped! 1000 was name “Best Calorie Burning Workout” by Fitness Magazine and The Today Show.

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